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  1. Zyion

    Grouping Up

    Hi All, I just wanted to post this information for those that are new to the game or looking to group up with people for 4 mans. First off I see many people posting in our Fever Community chat looking for group which is awesome keep that up it's always a good way to get a group going. With...
  2. Zyion

    BOUNTIES!!!!!! Sat June 4th 1pm - ? EST

    Zyion - Speed yes
  3. Zyion

    GR 4 Man Push Sat June 11th 1pm-? EST

    Zyion /Support Monk/ para 936/ GR97 Should be able to push 100
  4. Zyion

    S6 HC PL

    I would like to have a power level as well in HC. I can also help out in non-hardcore. Thanks!
  5. Zyion

    Resolved: PM Issue

    I can confirm I have been trying to send basic PM's out and get the same error.
  6. Zyion

    85+ 4 mans

  7. Zyion


    Welcome to the clan!
  8. Zyion


    I will have some time to play tonight between 4pm - 7:30pm central tonight. I am looking for a group to start at 85 (seems like a good number where a lot of players comfort level is at right now) but will go into the 90s and so on depending on the group. I run support monk. Add me or replay back...
  9. Zyion

    TX 2min conquest

    If you don't have it by the weekend end look me up and we can see if we can get you this. I will use my monk and get two others it should be pretty easy.
  10. Zyion

    Warcraft Movie

    Now I really have enjoyed WoW over the years for it was the first PC game I played on a regular basis. I had always been a PS/Xbox guy. I will continue to play because I have so much history playing it and enjoy it. However this whole movie thing is meh. By now I think if I did enough searching...
  11. Zyion


    Duzenwinkle#1704, I want to thank you for helping people out and getting some people powerleved etc.. it really is appreciated and makes for a great in game community. We are trying to make D3 fun for everyone and there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes with events and organization...
  12. Zyion

    Monk GR solo build

    Kodiak I see the issue now it's a simple fix for now. The cyclone strike U6 is an aggressive approach to the build and you really need that 2nd unity to make it viable to push. Sitting at 600k life you will take a lot of spike damage and die by pulling any mobs towards you. For now until you get...
  13. Zyion

    LFG for 80-90+ Grifts.

    Welcome. If I am on I would love to do these. I play monk and have a support monk Zyion#1256
  14. Zyion

    News: Legion Beta starts Thursday

    I got and alpha invite on Tuesday what timing.
  15. Zyion

    Monk GR solo build

    With all the gear you shouldn't have a problem staying alive in a 55 and punching to regain some spirit although some mobs can kill you quick anything that stuns you briefly is not pleasent. Can you link your profile so I can check it out? The unity ring makes a big difference too. You can swap...
  16. Zyion

    Teeze's Power-leveling

    Teeze Thank you for starting a thread and offering your time to do this. It really helps promote the clan and get's more people up to a playing level were they can group up and run some higher content.
  17. Zyion

    Monk GR solo build

    Hey Kodiak, Here is the thing with this build it is currently one of the strongest builds in the game. I know people are trying the SWK but right now this build is on top and I even watched quin get frustrated trying to push a 91 with SWK. The thing is don't keep trying to cyclone only really...
  18. Zyion


    hregiment Not a bad idea at all. I will take bribes too...I like beer, pizza and bacon!
  19. Zyion

    LF3M For Uber Farming

    I will help you out. I will be on around 4 est today not sure how long into the night I will be playing.
  20. Zyion


    House sitting can be fun and great parties to be had. See you when you get back.
  21. Zyion

    I'm Back

    Welcome Back!
  22. Zyion

    Are zDPS Demon Hunters viable for progressing through top grouped Greater Rifts?

    There is just so much synergy right now at this stage of the season that Wiz, WD, Barb and Monk are the classes that make the meta. Of coarse it's not a bad idea to have a zds DH set up for a gr 80s group if you have one of the missing classes. But if you want to be pushing 100+ like everyone...
  23. Zyion

    Patch 2.4.1 "Release"

    It's live now on NA.
  24. Zyion

    No patch today? So sad.

    It's live go go go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Americas for PC and ps4