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    Looking to fill my new SD card..

    Any tips for finding and downloading about 16GB of music to fill my phone with? I spend about 8 hours a day listening to music when I'm cycling. It sucks downloading one song at a time. I'm interested in all kinds of music but am definitely a fan of music from my youth (think 88-2010). Any...
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    Medal Ranking System

    Before 7.07 I had nosedived down to a 900ish MMR. After my 10 game calibration (4-6) I received Guardian 1* which according to the internetz is about 980MMR. So I guess I'm where I should be? I always figured that I should be at least 2k since that is where I was 2 years ago. I seem to be...
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    Away until 11/25

    I'm going to be offline until Nov 25th or so. As bad as it sounds, there are a few things that make up for it. My home away from home for the next few weeks in the Bahamas. I'm looking forward to grouping up and hanging out as we figure out what the new meta is going to be.
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    Approved: gotham's Application

    Games you play: DOTA2, D3, SC2, Hearthstone, HoTS Age: 38 Gender: Male Country: Canada FPS Username: Gotham League of Legends or other Moba Username: !argh! tag: Gotham#1220 MMO Username: Gotham Grock Steam Username: gothamgrock xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you...