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  1. Vlaru

    In-game clan invites

    FYI all: if you are waiting for an in-game clan invite or are coming back for season 5, I'm out of town at a funeral and will be able to add you when I return on Thursday if you don't get an invite before then. If you haven't already, please post at...
  2. Vlaru

    How to tell if you've cubed a power

    Hey all, Just a little public service announcement that I think is a great addition to the game from the PTR. Source: Basically, they've added custom icons to legendary powers to show powers that cannot be cubed, powers you have...
  3. Vlaru

    What class You Should play in Season 5

    Rhykker put together a short but good video on what class you should play for season 5. If you are totally clueless what to play, still on the fence, or know exactly what you want to play but want to see what Rhykker says, check the video below. Enjoy!!! V
  4. Vlaru

    Looking for something to do between Seasons??

    Meathead Mikhail says he is leveling up gems for the new Kanai's Cube recipe, Caldesann's Despair (i.e., augmenting items). He put together a speed mid-grift build to farm level 30 - 40 grifts to level gems up. These are speed runs at roughly 1 - 3 minutes per grift at lvl 30...
  5. Vlaru

    PTR Leaderboards (2015/01/02)

    Someone took the time to screenshot the PTR Leaderboards, which I thought was very informative. Reposting here to see what people think. I was surprised to see so much diversity in the builds - except for WD (mostly LoN with Firebats or DoD, some HT) and Wizard (all 6p Delsere). The other...
  6. Vlaru

    From Reddit: Thoughts on Meta in 2.4/S5

    This is totally stolen from Reddit but good thoughts nonetheless. Thought I'd repost here to see what you (especially Wiz players) think. V
  7. Vlaru

    The Recruiting Team NEEDS YOU!!

    Vlaru here, MOBA manager for the Fever recruiting team. We are looking for a few members to step up and join the Recruiting Team for Heroes of the Storm. This is a great opportunity for you to serve Fever and earn Awards, Rankups, and Fever Coins!!! Details below (Courtesy Leo): About the...
  8. Vlaru

    The Recruiting team NEEDS YOU!

    Vlaru here, MOBA manager for the Fever recruiting team. From the posts in this section, I know several of you are actively recruiting in-game, which I think is great point of contact. We also know from experience that posts on forums and websites is great visibility for Fever to find new...
  9. Vlaru

    Philosophios on DH Builds for Patch 2.4

    Some of you probably already know, but for those of you that don't: Philosophios is pretty well known for playing DH in D3 through streaming and youtube videos. If you don't know him, check him out. He recently posted several guides for Patch 2.4 DH builds that I thought I'd through out...
  10. Vlaru

    D3 Launch Starting Groups

    Hey D3ians!! January 15th is sooooo far away but people are already starting to think about who to group with for the big launch event. Here are some tips: Don't worry, be happy If you don't have a group by the time launch comes, just get on TS, go into one of the top rooms and you...
  11. Vlaru

    Diablo 3 Videos posted by Blizzard

    Now sure if everyone has seen these or not; some were posted with blog posts and at least one was not mentioned anywhere on the website (that I can find). Enjoy!! Blizzcon 2015 Lightning Talk: Greyhollow Lore ft. Brian Kindregan & Leonard Boyarsky (Published on Dec 21, 2015)...
  12. Vlaru

    The Recruiting team NEEDS YOU!

    Vlaru here, MOBA manager for the Fever recruiting team. We are looking for a several members to step up and join the Recruiting Team for League of Legends. This is a great opportunity for you to serve Fever and earn Awards, Rankups, and Fever Coins! I am looking specifically to fill a couple...
  13. Vlaru

    PTR Patch 2.4.0 Hotfixes (2015/12/18)

    The following hotfixes have been deployed: Items Firebird's Finery Fixed a bug that would allow players to infinitely build bonus damage stacks. (12/18) Shenlong's Spirit Pets are now properly benefitting from the bonus damage granted by this set. (12/18) Armor of Akkhan Fixed a bug...
  14. Vlaru

    Patch 2.4.0 Preview: Items and Sets

    Posted by Nevalistis 12/18/2015 PATCH 2.4.0 PREVIEW: ITEMS AND SETS Patch 2.4.0 is currently on the Public Test Realm, and were introducing over fifty new Legendary items and powers for you to collect...
  15. Vlaru

    BUG REPORT: Kanai's Cube - Extracted Powers Disappearing - UPDATED!

    In case anyone was affected by this, here's the latest: Posting this in the main D3 section but will move it to the Patch Notes section once it's fallen off the first page (hopefully everyone affected would have seen it by then). V
  16. Vlaru

    Leveling Strategies for Season 5!!

    Leveling Strategies for Season 5!! Fastest Way to Level to 70 Difficulty: Hard primarily, though if you get some good weapons and can kill things quickly on Master or T1, go for it. DO NOT CHOOSE EXPERT, it is broken and a waste of your time. It's better to kill Hard super fast, or be just a...
  17. Vlaru

    New PTR Patch Notes are now up!

    Finally got the patch notes from earlier today transferred onto the Fever Forums: Lots of interesting changes; a few buffs, a few nerfs. V
  18. Vlaru

    PTR PATCH 2.4.0 - v2.4.0.34940

    NOTE: RED text and strikethrough text are changes from the status of the PTR before the patch. White Text is unchanged. Refer to previous patch notes:
  19. Vlaru

    Current (2015/12/14) PTR Leaderboards

    Someone posted on Reddit the current (about 8 am CST on Monday, December 14, 2015) PTR Leaderboards: Direct link to the image gallery: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Thought this was a great...
  20. Vlaru

    Greater Rift 91 (Rank 1 12/2/2015)

    Apparently this is all it takes to get Rank 1 (currently) in the North America: Proc-sader, Heal monk, SC monk, and Pull Barb. No wonder SC got nerfed into the ground. Paragon doesn't hurt either. V
  21. Vlaru

    Wyatt Cheng (D3 game designer) on +% skill on items

    Found this interesting and rather long-ish post on reddit about +% skill damage on items from Wyatt Cheng, one of the major game designers of D3. While I agree with some things, I don't agree with others. The other comments in the thread bring up some interesting points, but I want to hear...
  22. Vlaru

    Technical Patch 2.3.0b (2015/12/08) aka This is not the patch you are looking for...

    Technical Patch 2.3.0b Going Live on Tuesday (aka This is not the patch you are looking for...) Source: V
  23. Vlaru

    Weeknight Event(s): Bounties!

    It has come to my attention that several of you are in desperate need of bounty materials; whether to finish your cubist achievements and season journey or just to get those critical pieces for your build into the cube. As such, I and any others that are interested will be helping to run...
  24. Vlaru

    PTR 2.4 Witch Doctor LoN Builds

    So I've seen a couple recent videos of Legacy of Nightmare (LoN, details below) builds for witch doctors which are rekking stuff. One is more for T10 speed farming (literally do not stop moving) and the other is really strong even for GRs. Speed Farm High GR Zombie Dog w/ poison dart...
  25. Vlaru


    I know of several people that are still looking to complete at least one more conquest, and some looking especially for the BOSS MODE conquest. I'd like to get this settled before it gets too close to the S4 end, so this weekend is impromptu BOSS MODE WEEKEND (sorry for the late notice, I only...