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  1. NightWolf

    arc/freezing pulse totems super easy build to follow. even thou i pretty much did all content with just a tabula and some random rares/ uniques that werent orginally part of the build. fair warning even theguide says it also TOTEMS arent for everyone XD
  2. NightWolf

    Naga cyclone slayer beginner friendly guide original my first guide i followed it has also a build in it for a champion consecrated path build.
  3. NightWolf

    Albion online is free to play now
  4. NightWolf

    Patch 1.0.4 march 26th
  5. NightWolf

    Important Info about me =D

    Hey so figured i just let everyone know a bit about me and whats going on in my life after i got medically discharged out of the Navy and kind of the reason why i had to step away from fever a bit. so the reason i got out of the military is cause mentally i suffer from PTSD & persistent...
  6. NightWolf

    Anthem Job listing

    Our current and available jobs are listed below if you have any questions contact any of the already marked officers below! nightxwolf871 Anthem Company Commander Vacant - Anthem Recruiter * * * * * * Game Night Hosts Enlisted+ ~ Responsible for hosting events, recording attendance, and...
  7. NightWolf

    Anthem full road map for ACT1

    Recurring Updates Fixes, improvements, and optimizations. Weekly Alliance Coins. Daily, Monthly, and Weekly Challenges. Prospero Store refresh. February 2019 Outlaw Outrage Freeplay event. There Be Giants Freeplay event. Shaper Surge Freeplay event. March 2019 Focus on evolving world...
  8. NightWolf

    Anthem Full Release Marathon Event Starting 6pm EST

    Hey freelancers lets have a nice time and group up on Saturday feb. 23, 2019 Start time 6pm est. i hope to see some new faces [= this is your Anthem Xo signing out
  9. NightWolf

    Anthem origin IGNs

    Ayo everyone, So im making this thread so everyone can drop those origin igns. for when anthem comes out and grind together weather your playing on FEB.14th or on the 22nd of feb. Hope to play with some of yall in come release =D MY ign for origin is Nightxwolf871
  10. NightWolf

    just wanna see wats everyones best champ is currently

    Want to know wats everyones crrent best champion in rank is for this season [= mine currently are diana [ranked in the top 4k as diana player] 62% WR and blitzcrank 60% WR
  11. NightWolf

    im back

    Hey im back i def want to get back into diablo 3 feel free to add my battle net nightxwolf#1268 im on NA
  12. NightWolf

    Hey league peoples.

    Hey, im a returning member some of you may know me and most of you dont lol. Im here to make and reconnect with some old friends. Feel free to add me on my current main league account Lightxwolf currently silver 3 was gold 4 last season but was gone for a year so bare with me. im on NA
  13. NightWolf


    Just wanted to say sorry for my to real life issues I neediness got a chance to post anything about my absence/ina activity...for the mean time ill still be away and until I get my computer fixed n my real life issues situated..ill be inactive for some time still.Will try n...
  14. NightWolf

    Hey just got back into D3...

    Nightxwolf#1268 <---- thats my battle net ID looking for people to play with and to learn all the new stuff =3... hope to play with some of you ^.^ if im not asleep XD
  15. NightWolf

    NA Need support coaching!!!!!!!!!!

    ive been thinking about it and ive been wanting to go back to being a support main...honestly i have no problem going back to basics to relearn the role..i feel so rusty and bad when i do play it...i use to be a taric main in season 2 and a bit of season 3...other then that lols ive lost my...
  16. NightWolf

    anyone watch these animes?

    RE:zero-starting a new life, the asterisk war or hundred =3
  17. NightWolf

    we need this in league XD

    obviously change some of the stuff on it but would be hilarious XD
  18. NightWolf


    man when your qeue time takes like 10mins+ and your only in silver 2 elo...idk what to do now
  19. NightWolf

    im surprised o.o

    welp im 11-1 with shen , 11-4 ezreal, 4-1 voli, 7-3 doing really good this season...also i became friends with random but really nice and good people on league and we are 2-0 with great communication without using voice chat...we even goof off during ranked games and still...
  20. NightWolf

    hey is anyone going to play The division?

    im going to be part of the beta this weekend just wondering if anyone on pc is going to play it ^.^ Tom Clancy’s The Division Trailer - RPG Gameplay [US] - YouTub
  21. NightWolf

    That feeling...

    i love that feeling you get when you know your improving i made it to gold 5 before the reset pretty proud of myself ^.^
  22. NightWolf

    looking for a real team game, any suggestions?

    Well im seriously getting tired of league....i feel like its making me more stressed and looking for a new game to play that doesnt have so many toxic players.. also please do not just read this and not leave a suggestion....
  23. NightWolf

    Im looking for a.......

    hello all fellow league of legends family members. i am looking for a league of legends mentor ^.^
  24. NightWolf

    wooo proud of myself

    i beat my record last season with 476 doubles, 53 triples, 11 quads and 2 pentas ^.^............. got 2 pentas this season with jinx ^.^
  25. NightWolf

    if anyone wants to play DEVILIAN

    welp nvm gave it away to a streamer