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  1. SandiZ

    So this is where your tax dollars went

    This is how one of your taxdollars is divided. Are there any things you would change?
  2. SandiZ

    Cancer hunter turn 5 win

    Hehehe... I felt no shame whatsoever
  3. SandiZ

    This bullshit

    This plus two whirlwinds... Shittin me?
  4. SandiZ

    Boom Beach

    We got a clan in Supercells other huge hit, Boom Beach! To find the task force simply search for 'Fever Clan', the icon is a gold skull on a red background with a pointy gold frame. Feel free to join! :) Current members are SandiZ = ULNT Sandstrom Kirbz = Kirbz Jeremy = Jeremy
  5. SandiZ


    What is smite clan, do we have one and how do I get invited? IGN Azure0
  6. SandiZ

    Divinity - Original Sin

    Just bought the game, released two hours ago! Looks just amazing! Anyone else play?
  7. SandiZ

    Video: Friday Roll'd

    Let's see if you guys can figure out whom's this ones is...
  8. SandiZ

    Video: Look at what I found!!!!

    Aug lookin dazzling as ever ;) shockwolf85 - It's A Camera, Not A Mirror - Twitch
  9. SandiZ

    I'm just gonna say it...

    I just don't understand people who prefer a pair of scissors over a pizza slicer to cut their pizza.. Even though they own a perfectly good one they still refuse to use it because of some principal? Pizza Slicer>Scissors
  10. SandiZ

    Dislike the new ranked system...

    ...Only because I didn't make master in the old one.
  11. SandiZ

    To the warframe moderators

    8 stickies is 3 times the limit guys! 3 is the guideline and some leeway can be allowed but now these stickeys have to seriously be cut down. Choose the ones you need, if not then I'll come back and remove those that I deem unnecessary. If you feel like you have too much stuff you'd like to...
  12. SandiZ

    I have never ever ventured into this part of the forums

    Care to give me a tour? Defenetly not sent from a phone
  13. SandiZ

    Hearthstone awards!

    I was thinking Tier 1 - Have all heroes reach level 10 Tier 2 - Own x Legendaries (3-5) Tier 3 - Win 150+ games in ranked play or in the arena Tier 4- Reach Diamond/Master Superior skills - 3/5 awards Interested in hearthstone awards? Comments on the tiers? Own suggestions? Any and all replies...
  14. SandiZ

    How does the ranked ladder work?

    So the tiers/ranks/medals go from Novice->Journeyman->Copper(1,2,3)->Silver(1,2,3)->Gold->(1,2,3)->Platinum(1,2,3)->Diamond(1,2,3)->Master(1,2,3)->Grandmaster. How does the ranked ladder work, what determines how you climb? Can you fall from a rank if you loose too much? I didn't realize...
  15. SandiZ

    Friendslist broken

    So my friendslist is completely broken. I have sent everyone a request in the IGN thread but I don't have any friends online. I receive any requests nor do mine seem to show. I can only see Lymbow playing wow. That's about it. Let me know if you guys have similar problems. Also just to fuck...
  16. SandiZ

    I'm just gonna leave this here...

    Soo yea..
  17. SandiZ

    Resolved: 8 gigs Dual channel or 12 gigs single?

    I want a response to this as soon possible cause I'm eager to pop in my new ram stick. My two previous ones were G.skill's Ripjaws 2x4Gb @1600mhz The new one I bought was a Kingston HyperX Genesis 4gb @1600mhz I bought one cause my ram seems to cut short whilst playing games and multitasking or...
  18. SandiZ

    Closed: SandiZ's programming questions |Constantly updated|

    This is where I'll post all my programming questions. Currently learning Java in school and I'll be posting my questions and my answers to the excersizes I get here for someone to help me correct them. This will be updated often. Tagging some that I know have experience and could help Bogo...
  19. SandiZ

    Video: Emotional baby! Too cute!

    I'm sure you all have seen this one, but isn't that baby just so adoreable :)
  20. SandiZ

    MegaZero falls asleep on 24hour livestream

    "I actually need to lay down real quick" LOL MegaZeroLoL - MegaZero Marathon! D5 to Challenger! Maybe 24 hours - Twitch
  21. SandiZ

    Hook me up with starcraft!

    Hi. For those of you who never venture outside the SC2 subforums, I am SandiZ. I recently thought to myself that since this game is so immensely popular despite it being so old then Blizzard must be doing something right! I'd like to experience the game, and before you say trial I'll let you...
  22. SandiZ

    First game

    Ok so I was playing on NA ping which is like ~300 at about something that seemed like 30 frames in my first game of infinite crisis. A game that is so damn complicated and hard to look at and everything looks the same and just wierd.. Still, I pull off a better score than you guys, except for...
  23. SandiZ

    Dawngate recruiting contest!

    There's an ongoing recruiting contest for Dawngate right now! Everyone is awarded coins and even ranks for recruiting! The top recruiters will even get some bling BONUS coins! For more info check the thread below...
  24. SandiZ

    I am SO CLOSE

    I'm on a fckin roll! Please! Don't fail me now gods of League! I shall keep offering my RP to show mt loyalty! Don't fail me now...
  25. SandiZ

    Here we go!

    SKT1 VS RC let's goooo!