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  1. LateMoon

    EFT Wipe Was Yesterdayy!!!!!

    The new wipe has finally come with the new 11.7 patch. If anyone is down to start questing just add me and I'm down to start grinding - Z0SixVette
  2. LateMoon

    Doing some labs raids!!!!

    Well I'm going to be doing some labs raids today at around 3:30-4ish. If anyone is interested and wants to group up let me know and we can add each other. Fairly newer and don't know the map very well but played a couple with some more experienced players the other day and for the most part have...
  3. LateMoon

    Should I Buy This Game?

    I loved Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, but I have never played the division 1. I was wondering if that would have any correlation in this game and if it would be beneficial to watch the gameplay on the first one before I jumped into the division 2.
  4. LateMoon

    What To Expect? (Computer Science Major)

    Well I am finally enrolled in the college that I would like to attend and I am going in to be a computer science major. I am in the software engineering program at my local technical school now but I was wondering if anyone here is a CS Major, and has any past experiences with the classes I will...
  5. LateMoon

    Does anyone still play????

    I have been looking for some people to play some ranked 2v2 or 3v3 and I have been having a heck of a time with finding someone. Let me know if anyone is still interested in partying up. I am mid gold to low plat ranked right now
  6. LateMoon

    Whats the best weapon setup?

    Looking for everyone's opinions on this one. I usually like to run the R-301 and the Wingman together. That is my ideal setup, but I can make the Peacekeeper work in there to if I have to. I tried to incorporate the R-99, but without an extended clip for me its just god awful.
  7. LateMoon

    Soooo Who's Looking to squad up?

    Been playing quite a bit these past few days! Add me on origin to play Z0SixVette is my origin id.
  8. LateMoon

    Soooo Looking for an ADC to one trick?!?!?!

    Well as of now getting back into League for the umfff teenth time and I have a pretty good grasp on the game itself and can pick up on mechanics pretty well! I am wondering if anyone plays or mains ADC and could give me 1 or 2 ADC's I could focus on playing for this season! I use to main ADC...
  9. LateMoon

    Game's that are good right now?

    I am looking for a couple games to spice up my rotation. I am looking at the top 3 right now for me, which is BattleField 5, League of Legends, and CS:GO. I am just looking for something to really get into even if only singleplayer. Basically just let me know what your favorite game is right...
  10. LateMoon

    Anyone Wanna Que? Faceit or ESEA?

    Howdy everyone! Well I just got back into the very addictive realm of CS:GO, and very much need people to que with on ESEA and FaceIT! If anyone is trying to que up and is not worried about me being completely awful you can add me on steam - LateMoon . BTW I had to make a new steam account...
  11. LateMoon

    What is everyone's opinion on the state of CS:GO?

    I would just like to know everyone's opinion on the state of counter strike at the current moment. I have not played in steadily in almost a year and haven't opened the game in about 3 months. I would just like to get everyone's point of view and the current state and if it has been in better...
  12. LateMoon

    Anyone here into getting some raids in???

    I've havent really gotten many hours into this game and it just wiped and I'm looking for some people to help me with just some of the little info and maybe some tips and tricks. If anyone is interested and wants to get some raids in my username is FlyingRicer, just add me and I should add you...
  13. LateMoon

    How do I change my fever name?

    I have had this name basically since I was 11 years old and over the years almost all of my screen names and usernames have moved on and away from this one. I was just wondering if I would be able to get this one changed to my new universal name cause on almost all of my games.
  14. LateMoon

    What Settings Should I Stream At?

    My Rig CPU - i7-8700k CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Dual Rad Fan Graphics Card - MSI Geforce GTX 1080ti Ram - 16GB G.Skill Trident Z Case - Corsair 750D Case This is my current setup and looking for what I should be using for stream settings on OBS, or if theres any other better software out at...
  15. LateMoon

    Well Anyone Got Any Good Advice?

    Alright so I am fairly new at this game and I am just awful. I will have the best gold guns and still get outgunned in fights and just all out destroyed in building wars. Just looking for some tips.
  16. LateMoon

    Good ADC Choices?

    Hello Everyone Was just wondering what everyone here's opinions are on the best ADC's for patch 8.4. I'm not looking for the all around best ADC to main, but one that's better off for a lower skill player and still has some decent outplay. I am just coming back into the game after almost a year...
  17. LateMoon

    Climbing Ranked

    Well I am not that new to league, but I am new to playing ranked. I was wondering what lane is the most efficient to carry your team with. I have been playing quite a bit of jungle and it seems that jungle, at least to me, has the most effect on the game. If someone has any other opinions, would...
  18. LateMoon

    How to get better cs?

    Hey guys was just wondering on this topic. I am pretty bad at csing and was wondering what I can do to get better at it. I just struggle with minion management and how to choose which ones I am autoing at the moment to get all the minions in the wave.
  19. LateMoon

    Looking for a good champion to main top?

    Hey guys been getting back into league lately and trying to find a good champion to main at top for season 7. Basicly gonna try and 1trick one champion just don't know who is really strong or can carry in solo que?
  20. LateMoon

    Streaming and Que?

    Hey guys I will be streaming tonight for a bit Twitch and need a few people to que with on esea and or matchmaking. My steam is flyingricer and I am mg1 on mm.
  21. LateMoon

    Stream Tonight at 8pm EST (Giveaway)

    Hey guys just doing a stream tonight at 8pm on twitch, have done streams in the past but am still new so sorry for the quality if its bad will be giving away a ak47 cartel and maybe a few other skins to followers if anyone wants to come check it out or if you wanna play a few games Twitch
  22. LateMoon

    Best way to trade up skins

    I've been playing cs for a while now but have till now just gotten into betting skins and don't know the most effective way or which sites to use. Would it be better gambling or betting on pro teams and if so what sites should I use?
  23. LateMoon

    GN1 In Need of Coaching

    Hey guys thanks for reading this if so I am currently a Gold Nova 1 in CS and looking for a higher rank player just to do some simple coaching with me. Would like someone to show me some of the most used smokes and help me just with some basic aim drills etc. If anyone is interested in coaching...
  24. LateMoon

    What are good top picks for s6?

    Been trying to main top but looking for a larger champion pool for right now. I main Irelia atm but looking to pick up some other champs. What are some good reliable champs to play top?
  25. LateMoon

    Any Tournaments Coming up???

    Just wondering if there were any upcoming league nights or tournaments coming up???