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  1. tiltedslim

    NA Mordhau?

    Anyone in here playing Mordhau and want to party up sometime?
  2. tiltedslim

    eSports: GSL Season 3 finals are tonight (or tomorrow morning)

    I think it's Maru all day 4-2. Who you got?
  3. tiltedslim

    eSports: Was Neeb playing that good or was Rogue playing that poorly?

    I was really stoked on Neeb's play in this match up until I realized that Rogue made some very questionable choices (2 base Swarm Host?). You tell me.
  4. tiltedslim

    eSports: GSL vs. The World Brackets

    I swear if Serral loses to some ZvZ and I don't get to see him play against Maru I'm going to be disappointed. Although the prospect of Serral vs. Rogue is interesting, but fuck ZvZ. What do you think?
  5. tiltedslim

    eSports: Best PvZ I've seen prob since LotV

    You've probably seen it somewhere, but just in case you didn't. Game 2 of this set is awesome.
  6. tiltedslim

    Steam Summer Sale

    How's your summer sale going? What games are my fellow Feverians getting that could use another player? I haven't gotten a whole lot of anything yet and I'm looking to pick up a few games that I can play with some of you.
  7. tiltedslim

    eSports: Is Maru a bonjwa?

    With his win over Zest last night Maru is back to back GSL Code S champ. Pair those with his WESC win earlier in the year and he's looked unstoppable. Let's say if he wins Season 3 of Code S and Blizzcon, would we have the first bonjwa of SC2?
  8. tiltedslim


    I just now figured out that they made separate MMR for all the races and random for 1v1 while I wasn't playing this game. So now I'm trying to place as Terran and it is......interesting. Why don't the workers become the buildings? Why can't I just make marines, A-move and win? To Bronze...
  9. tiltedslim

    If you didn't see MC and MMA on the B stream of WCS Austin

    You were missing out. It was easily the best part of the whole day of watching Starcraft. MC was coaching MMA to play Protoss and MMA was coaching MC to play Terran. Just one of many great clips. The entire vod of them with Rifkin...
  10. tiltedslim

    Hello there!

    Hey everyone. I know most of you don't know me, but once upon a time I considered this little corner of Fever my home and I'm about to get more active again as life circumstances have allowed it. I am always down for games so add me at will tiltedslim#1368 or find me in the in game chat at /join...
  11. tiltedslim

    This week on Dusty's twitter He makes no mention of destructible rocks......(That's a starcraft joke) .
  12. tiltedslim

    Blizz ban wave

    Heroes Account Suspensions and Bans -- October 5, 2015 - Forums - Heroes of the Storm
  13. tiltedslim

    Blue post on death timers and snowballing.

    Test Map: Fine Tuning Heroes Death timer change could be huge on maps like Battlefield of Eternity or Dragon Shire where the first objective pops early game. I'd count Cursed Hollow, but a lot of people give up the first tribute on purpose in the current meta. As for the snowball thing I'm...
  14. tiltedslim

    PTR patch notes

    Since no one posted them -> Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes -- September 24, 2015 Tyrande Tyrande Tyrande Tyrande......and Bye Bye Zera....Nerf Protoss all day.
  15. tiltedslim

    Looking for people to help out

    I have a number of things that I want done for the section and want you! 1.) Tournament Hosts: Lavender does a great job with the monthly tourney, but I'm looking to expand HotS tournaments to at least 2 a month. I'm also thinking of implementing a league style system with points and seasons...
  16. tiltedslim

    Just redid the find a team thread

    And fucking deleted everything. So add yourself and then let me know for the Free Agent list
  17. tiltedslim

    Goings on in Fever HotS week starting 9/28/2015

    Hello Children, you faithful Company Commander here, Just want to put some goings on here to keep everyone in the loop as to what's going on. Congratulations are in Order! Welcome to Officership OneShawt , King11105 , and ThomMerlin (he's not a hots main, but still a regular contributor...
  18. tiltedslim

    Solo vs. Open

    A question pretty much for Ocean , I've only been playing in Solo to get a feel for the game. If I go into open, how likely is it that I'll be getting raided? Are there greifing asshats that run around all day simply trying to kill people? Should I get a decent at combat before I play in open...
  19. tiltedslim

    The main game crisis.

    I'm entering a period of transition and I feel that I don't want to really play any e-sports in general. I want to get back to gaming, relaxing, and not so much worrying about winning and losing as much. Also after my first extended MOBA experience I wish to play things that are less team...
  20. tiltedslim

    Hero League and picking (Total Opinion)

    I've had some bad luck with people in HL lately since it has gone to Solo or Duo Que only. People don't know how to pick. It's bad, really bad. So I'm going to throw out there how I feel about drafting in Hero League so at least I can say that I tried to help you guys out. Keep in mind I'm not...
  21. tiltedslim

    North Americas Championship info graph

    Lot's of cool info here. American Championship infographic - Gamers2
  22. tiltedslim

    HotS community survey

    Saw this on reddit and filled one out. Thought I'd put it here if you guys like that sort of thing. I have no idea what the creator is doing with the data.
  23. tiltedslim

    compLexity talking about day 1 of the America Championship

    HotS Features: compLexity: "They only have like three comps." | GosuGamers
  24. tiltedslim

    How to bring the Cheeks since the buff

    Unless you live under a rock or joined the clan during my Diablo3 kick you should two things about me. 1.) I hate nova players on my team with an absolute passion. 2.) Kerrigan is my favorite. My second favorite is Kerrigan, and my third favorite is Kerrigan. Now that I've done everything I...
  25. tiltedslim

    Battle of the Universes tournament sign-up and info

    So I just made this up and it might look sloppy so stay with me here. Battle of the Universes: 3 teams team Starcraft: Wing#1504 Achilleus#1615 team Diablo team Warcraft bouseherb#1905 (master race huh?) Each team will only be able to select players from the universe they choose to...