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  1. Lavitz

    The Recent Patch?

    So now that we've had some time to delve into the big, recent patch of Grim Dawn, what do you guys think of the changes, with veteran being harder, and resists really being a big deal across the board? Before the patch, I found a lot of my builds were always mainly focused on doing as much...
  2. Lavitz

    I know its a long shot, but...

    Anyone play on Windrunner, Alliance? I'm just curious if anyone on here plays on the server. Its my main.
  3. Lavitz

    What's Next?

    Now that I'm sure most of you guys have gotten the Season Journey completed, what do you do next? Do you just stop playing or keep farming/pushing rifts? As much as I'd love to push greater rifts, I just don't believe I have the patience for it, or the build for that matter. Playing a necro with...
  4. Lavitz

    Necro Build?

    So I've initially been running an Inarius Blood Nova build this season. And though I feel it does a lot of damage, I feel like this is more an aoe oriented build for pack clearing, but not so good for Rift Guardans and big name bosses. (Or maybe I'm not just doing it right.) One of my main...
  5. Lavitz


    Any of you guys plan on getting Iceborne? I'm looking forward to it. I think it'll be a nice new addition to the game.
  6. Lavitz

    Its time for Combat!

    I've always been a melee person in any game I play. So when I saw that this patch was catering towards buffing melee, I'm most definitely on board for that. My question is being that I'm still relatively new to playing Leagues, you guys have any suggestions on what kind of build to play for...
  7. Lavitz

    What Do You Do?

    So aside from the obvious running rifts, do you guys honestly find it useful to constantly use up all your crafting materials to have the chance of crafting an ancient item? I mean I know there's so many other things it could potentially be, but I'm finding it a bit frustrating that I keep...
  8. Lavitz

    What Is Your Levelling Path?

    As the title says, what are the ways you guys level up your toons? Do you just play through the story or mix it up with a little crucible? Do you just do the old content and go to the next difficulty as soon as you can? I'm playing a spellbinder still through normal/veteran difficulty and just...
  9. Lavitz

    What's Your Builds?

    As the title states, I'd love to hear what kind of builds you guys are running. Are some of the ones you all are doing require specific kinds of gear? I'm trying to get some ideas for some builds.
  10. Lavitz


    Any announcement on when the new DLC is going to drop? Or are they tight-lipping it? I thought it was going to be pretty soon.
  11. Lavitz

    Clan Server?

    Hey guys, was just wondering what server do fellow Fever Clan members play on, as well as have a guild (company?) on? How many people still actually play this MMO?
  12. Lavitz

    New Ark Player?

    Hey there! So I picked up Ark and all the dlcs recently over the Fall sale. Seeing as I'm a complete noob to the game, I'm wondering if there's any tips or suggestions and of you guys can make to help me learn the ropes. Is there a tutorial or something?
  13. Lavitz

    Twitchcon and Blizzcon

    Just out of curiosity, but did anyone go to Twitchcon or is going to Blizzcon this year? I've been wanting to go to both of them for a while and I just never am able to go when it comes to buy tickets. Was just wondering if anyone has been to either?
  14. Lavitz

    Diablo 2?

    Just curious, but how many folks out there still play Diablo 2? I've been streaming it the past couple of days and have surprisingly gotten quite a few viewers from it. Still seems pretty popular.
  15. Lavitz

    Where do I Go?

    The Fever Streaming Subforum seems pretty dead to me. Is there other locations everyone is going to to talk about streaming, promoting, etc?
  16. Lavitz

    So What Do You Think?

    So now that BFA has been out for a bit, what do you think of it? Love it? Hate it? Things you don't like? Things you do like? I wanna know!
  17. Lavitz

    Do You Stream?

    Hey folks! I just started really streaming over the past month or so on Twitch. Anyone else stream on here? And is anyone familiar with how the FeverStream works?
  18. Lavitz

    Looking For Some Streaming Advice

    I know there's only so many people that actively stream, but I do have a few questions that I would like to speak with someone about possibly fixing up my twitch a bit more and learning a bit more about Streamlabs. If anyone has some spare time to talk about some of these things, please let me know.
  19. Lavitz

    7 Days to Die

    Anyone play 7 Days to Die? I absolutely love this game, and is probably the second highest amount of time I've spent on any game so that says something. I was just wondering if anyone plays online multiplayer and if so what server are you on?
  20. Lavitz

    Monster Hunter World

    Anyone play it?
  21. Lavitz

    The Last Epoch

    I only just recently found this out, but there is a game called "The Last Epoch" that is currently in a pre-alpha state, and has a working demo and is currently working on getting funded in Kickstarter. I wanted to share this video of Rhykker breaking down and explaining the game. I may be...
  22. Lavitz

    Deckbuilding for the Stuff!

    So do any of you folks possibly have some suggestions for some new aggro decks now that Witchwood is out? I know a lot of things got cycled out of standard, but to be honest, I like to play Aggro. I know lots of people shun aggro cause they feel there isn't much of a process to it, but what I...
  23. Lavitz


    So just out of curiosity, how many folks on here have been to a Blizzcon and/or are planning to go to Blizzcon this year? I personally have never been, and have been wanting to go, so I'm hoping this year will be my year.
  24. Lavitz

    Good Bluetooth Speaker?

    As the title states, I'm looking for a good Bluetooth speaker that has a least 5 hours of battery life, durable, and has pretty solid sound. I'd like to have this with me at work to listen to music while I'm working on machines. I'm gonna be purchasing one soon, but I would like some suggestions...
  25. Lavitz


    Has anyone done the Fireside Gatherings? How does that work exactly? You basically go to a place that hosts these events and you just play Hearthstone with other people?