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  1. NobleLion

    Mobile game activity - which platform

    Anyone have a specific platform - iOS, Android, or device iPad, Surface, etc. that they have an example of what works best on that device/platform versus another device/platform? I'm looking to upgrade my tablet from an iPad Air 2, and I enjoy games on the iPad more than I did when I used my...
  2. NobleLion

    Anyone use walking as their main/only form of activity?

    I'm trying to find people who have had success with their weight management and fitness who are strictly walkers. My mom is looking to get back into activity after having arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn MCL and I want to convince her that she doesn't have to get into anything too...
  3. NobleLion

    Plants vs Zombies TCG

    I'm just starting out with Plants vs Zombies TCG. Anyone a current player for this?
  4. NobleLion

    Easing into things for the Fall

    Hi everyone, As we all gear up for the remainder of the Fall season, just a reminder that with the holidays not too far off, planning and preparations for being ready to deal with holiday stress and unwanted weight gains can start now! I've started a program which is designed to help me ease...
  5. NobleLion

    Puzzle Quest Magic the Gathering

    Hi everyone, I've been playing the Puzzle Quest Magic the Gathering edition now for a few weeks and I'm finally starting to enjoy it a bit more. I just purchased Gideon as my second Plainswalker. Anyone else play this and if you do, what are your Plainswalkers and the decks you use? I'm...
  6. NobleLion

    Network issues connecting or high latency? Try this

    Hi all, Recently I've noticed that I had very bad lag in-game, and I had to do some workaround to even log on. My battlenet kept saying it couldn't connect, but I clicked Go Offiline, and would get to the game launcher so I could press Play. Once I pressed Play it would give me the Diablo 3...
  7. NobleLion

    From trying to keep up with many daily check-ins to just 2

    Hi all, I went from playing a bunch of games sparingly - mainly to keep up with daily rewards, to just two - Dungeon Boss, which I mainly just log into for the daily reward and to collect tokens to level up a character (this process is like a slow death for me playing this game so it may be on...
  8. NobleLion

    Absence from Diablo 3 Season 7 - just for a bit

    Hi all, My mom had an unscheduled surgery on Friday and was released from the hospital on Sunday. I've been helping her adjust to some things while she goes through physical therapy. While the surgery wasn't for anything super serious or life-threatening (it was arthroscopic surgery on her...
  9. NobleLion

    Stress busting workout suggestions wanted

    Hi all, What do you do for help with stress? I know some people run, some do yoga, just wondering if people have specific routines that can dial-in to help reduce stress on a daily level or for those occasional times when the stress has ramped up. I don't want to workout until I'm...
  10. NobleLion

    Goodbye Dungeon Boss, hello DragonSoul

    I'm sick of Dungeon Boss and the limited ways of character development. So many other things are sub-par compared to another game DragonSoul. I'm enjoying DragonSoul right now, as it has more content to play compared to Dungeon Boss. Anyone else play DragonSoul?
  11. NobleLion

    Anyone ever try Dragon Soul?

    Found a new game to occupy myself with - Dragon Soul. It is kind of like Dungeon Boss or that type of game... collect heroes (characters) and run quests to level up and gain new abilities with loot combining, etc. Pretty fun so far, just wondering if anyone else has played and then we can...
  12. NobleLion

    News: King Rabbit app on App Store

    Hi all! The App of the Week on the Appstore (sorry Android) is King Rabbit. This is a pretty fun puzzle game like many other games that have a chapter with multiple levels to go through. Cute graphics, and a quick play option with fun little puzzles (at least in Chapter 1 so far)...
  13. NobleLion

    100! Block puzzle question... anything else like this out there?

    Hi all, I have been playing this app called 100! Block puzzle. It's like Tetris but the pieces only appear 3 at a time and you can clear the blocks they make in a row or in a column. I'm finding it frustrating because you have no idea what will be coming up next after you've placed the 3...
  14. NobleLion

    Anyone every try DietBet?

    Hi all, I signed up for a kickstart challenge on a site where you challenge yourself to lose a percent of your body weight over a period of time. So far so good for me... I did my 3rd day of a workout program because I wanted to stay active in the challenge I had signed up for on Monday...
  15. NobleLion

    Anyone played or encountered a deck with C'Thun?

    I haven't put together a C'Thun deck yet, but I played one recently. I think I was lucky when I beat the opponent before round 8 as I noticed the buffs occurring to C'Thun whenever he played a C'Thun ability card. It seems like this type of deck would have to be geared for a very long battle...
  16. NobleLion

    Back to the grind

    After a few weeks of traveling, I got off-track on my workout program. Starting up again new tomorrow. Anyone want to join me in posting/cheering each other on? Doesn't matter what you are trying to do or going to do... just have a goal with an end date and let's do this!
  17. NobleLion

    Question on acquiring more cards - Goblins vs Gnomes

    Hi all, I'm just starting back up in HS after playing when it first came out for about a month... until now. So I don't really have a lot of cards though I've pretty much got all the basic cards for the classes by getting them all to level 10+. I finished League of Explorers Normal, the...
  18. NobleLion

    Month 1 of 3 done and in the books

    Hi all, I completed my first month of abs training, which was designed to get me moving and be ready for ramping up in month 2. The first month went relatively well, didn't lose any weight based on the scale readings, but probably lost some fat weight and gained muscle weight as a result of...
  19. NobleLion

    Reps, sets, cycles - how I'm using Tabata with resistance training

    Hi all, I posted about my new Tabata app - I am still enjoying it. Thought I'd add a little background for those not familiar with how you can use a Tabata app for resistance training. The terms I am familiar with are: Reps - the number of repetitions you will have when doing a specific...
  20. NobleLion

    The Witness

    Anyone try this yet? I liked the MYST original game, and heard this is similar yet better in some ways. Just wondering if I should plunk down the $40 for it on Steam or wait until a sale... I'm looking for a good puzzle game like this right now, so I'm in the market.
  21. NobleLion

    Tabata app update - found a keeper

    Hey all, I have started a workout regimen that uses supersets with rests in-between. On one of the days it goes like this: Superset one: Jumping Jacks - 30 seconds Prison squats - 30 seconds REST Superset two: 2 more exercises REST Superset three: 2 more exercises Then...
  22. NobleLion

    Hmm... mentions not working

    Seems like the mentions in the sleep thread are not working... NobleLion
  23. NobleLion

    Tabata app update

    Hey all, I've been meaning to post an update on a Tabata training app that I've been using and recently have found ways to stretch its usefulness. I was using the Tabata app mainly for my HIIT (High intensity interval training) on a stationary bike, and those settings are pretty...
  24. NobleLion

    Blizzard servers down since 2:17 AM EST

    I was in-game having a good run (of course) when I got booted and haven't been able to login since. BlizzardCS still reporting that the outage is being worked on as of 3:10 AM EST. Oh well, at least it's not a phishing expedition that I thought I was getting set up for when I got the...
  25. NobleLion

    Are you getting enough sleep?

    We often overlook the importance of sleep and making sure you get enough of it. I know there is a lot of debate about what is enough, some people say at least 8, others say try to get between 7 and 8, but the main thing is that you need sleep to let your body heal. We may be doing specific...