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  1. Zyion

    Grouping Up

    Hi All, I just wanted to post this information for those that are new to the game or looking to group up with people for 4 mans. First off I see many people posting in our Fever Community chat looking for group which is awesome keep that up it's always a good way to get a group going. With...
  2. Zyion


    I will have some time to play tonight between 4pm - 7:30pm central tonight. I am looking for a group to start at 85 (seems like a good number where a lot of players comfort level is at right now) but will go into the 90s and so on depending on the group. I run support monk. Add me or replay back...
  3. Zyion

    Warcraft Movie

    Now I really have enjoyed WoW over the years for it was the first PC game I played on a regular basis. I had always been a PS/Xbox guy. I will continue to play because I have so much history playing it and enjoy it. However this whole movie thing is meh. By now I think if I did enough searching...
  4. Zyion

    Monk SWK TX Speed 2.4.1

    Hi all, here is a SWK speed TX build. What's it all about? Well it's the same as the LoN build from last season except yes you don't have to farm for all ancient gear which I was not a fan of. This involes SWK with it's newly buffed 6pc. This build is really fun to play and as you build up your...
  5. Zyion

    Season 6 Dashing Strike Monk

    I wanted to use some of the new items for season six and revisit the dashing strike monk. It's a completely different play style. Those from a few season ago will remember similar build. This time it has added damage and defense and you be able to cube frost burn helps with damage and allows...
  6. Zyion


    Hey all, I am looking for a group tonight to run 70-80s if possible. Tonight and tomorrow will be my final days of grinding out gear and a few more paragons before this Friday when the season ends. I will be on my monk because I need the gear on him I only have three ancient pcs and I want to...
  7. Zyion

    Season: 74 down on my Monk

    After not playing my monk this season until the past two weeks I picked him up and started to enjoy the class again. I got back on the leader board this morning by downing a 74, rank 905 atm. I will continue to push as the season comes to an end and look forward to playing the monk as my main...
  8. Zyion

    Season 6 Monk TX Speed Build

    Hi all Zyion here I have been testing ptr and working on a speed build as well as a solo grift build and the group meta. It does appear that monk will be an option as a support build once again for the meta. Right now the highest 4 man at 103 on season is Monk, Dh(support) Wiz and WD. However...
  9. Zyion


    I will be on tonight running whatever for a little while tonight. I have one other person Clavat that I will be grouping up with but I know for sure we would both be down for helping anyone else with their D3 needs! Look me up :)
  10. Zyion

    Monk TX Build

    Hi all, I have heard that people have been looking for a faster TX build for monks that doesn't require the steep gear requirement of LoN. I have been testing builds and put this one together which I have been using as of late. This season I took a break from monk and did some ADD playing...
  11. Zyion

    It's the weekend!

    Hey D3 players it's the weekend may the RNG gods be kind, your groups be swift and above all else have fun! Go go go...
  12. Zyion

    Hi All

    I just joined Fever last night but not yet into the official D3 clan. I am looking to start running some grift and such with fellow Fever clan mates. I am a season player have been playing since vanilla. I have a geared DH M6/UE solo 72 right now and a ET wiz which I messed around with to...
  13. Zyion

    Approved: Zyion's Application

    Games you play: D3 WOW Main Game: Diablo 3 Age: 30 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: Zyion#1256 MMO Username: Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and Teamspeak3: Yes How did you hear...