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  1. Caity

    Closed: Not sure if an appeal is needed but just to be safe.

    I was removed from the clan on 10/03/2015 and was wondering if a ban contestation was required. I realize I shouldn't have done the things I did, and would like a chance to start fresh. It's been 6+ months and I have a person have changed quite a bit since the events that transpired happened.
  2. Caity

    Announcement: Path of Exile - In Game name list

    Deltascourge Just tag me as Hawlucha efgodlike I need to get in touch with you about removing inactive members from the guild or expanding the guild member limit as we're currently as cap and cannot invite anyone else.
  3. Caity

    Development: October Game of the Month Outline Thread

    Kodexx Deltascourge Once I know my schedule for the first week of October, which I should be able to figure up soon, I can look into setting something up for this. I'm going to just have everyone play on Standard, since it's static and doesn't disappear/end. Warbands is the softcore league...
  4. Caity

    Development: October Game of the Month Outline Thread

    Path of Exile Genre: Action Role-Play Game (ARPG) Games Release Date: October 23rd, 2013 Photos/videos of the game: For more a more in-depth walkthrough of the game watch the following video playlist -...
  5. Caity

    Hi Gaudkiller o/ What did I do?

    Hi Gaudkiller o/ What did I do?
  6. Caity

    Update Request: Game of the Month?

    Kodexx I could take it up in addition to the R&D project I'm on, since that's waiting on someone else to move forward. It'd be neat to work alongside someone on it, that way there's multiple perspectives and two heads thinking about it as opposed to one.
  7. Caity

    we lost a master today

    For the record, Dunkey stopped playing League because he got banned. Which was well deserved since he's been known to be toxic in a majority of his games.
  8. Caity

    Update Request: Game of the Month?

    I could look into it a bit. I've not seen one for Path of Exile, and it just recently got a pretty big update.
  9. Caity

    New champion: Kindred!

    The ult has potential to be game changing. Keep in mind, Kindred's ult effects enemies, so when it's active, NO ONE can die, and EVERYONE in it gets the heal.
  10. Caity

    Looking for some Ranked 5 teammates

    -salutes- Count me in for top lane.
  11. Caity

    Research: Stand up comedy night

    Update: We are waiting for a poster to be created. The date is currently tentative until we have a poster.
  12. Caity

    Whats Your Favorite Role/Lane?

    Didn't vote because I enjoy top lane in general. Though in general, my favorite role entirely depends on my mood at the time.
  13. Caity

    Looking for top laner for a ranked team!

    Hi. I'd like to apply for the position. :D
  14. Caity

    Just a rant.

    Yeahhhh. I completely can relate to being tired of the LoL community. Anyways - rosefuri Feel free to message me any time. I like helping and giving people advice, when they want it. So if you ever want some advice let me know. ^^
  15. Caity

    Escaping Bronze/Rant

    I agree. Players really should stop being toxic towards one another, regardless of the reason. The whole point of this video game, is to have fun. Yeah, take ranked a bit more serious, but try to have fun at the same time. Don't get mad at people and start calling them names, cause there's no...
  16. Caity

    Alienware codes

    You can only use 1 per account though, so keep that in mind.
  17. Caity


    Trick or Treat Teemo His Mushrooms would be candy that would vary from mushroom to mushroom. When he pops out of stealth he'd yell "Trick or Treattttt!" And he's just have various Halloween related lines. And since the lines would be different, it'd be a legendary skin.
  18. Caity

    Telling girl gamers to go make you a sandwhich

    Sandwichmancy! :D
  19. Caity

    Breaking the Meta

    AD Janna. >.>
  20. Caity

    [Spoilers] NA LCS and EU LCS Final results!

    Nah. Feel free to take those. I rarely get to catch either, and I can't stand watching Froskurrin(she annoys the shit out of me). I mostly keep up with NA LCS and EU LCS. :)
  21. Caity

    [Spoilers] NA LCS and EU LCS Final results!

    Yessss. Both finals were pretty good. EU one was better I think because the teams felt a bit more even matched. The NA won was kinda less exciting other than for CLG fans(Me) because TSM played kinda bad.
  22. Caity

    [Spoilers] NA LCS and EU LCS Final results!

    Congratulations to Counter Logic Gaming for defeating Team SoloMid 3 to 0 in the NA LCS finals and claiming the first seed for North America at worlds! Congratulations to Fnatic for defeating Origen 3 to 2 in the EU LCS Finals and claiming the first seed for Europe at Worlds! Team Solomid...
  23. Caity

    MRW as a CLG fan when CLG Gets 1st since 2011

    Spoiler alerts in the title please. ^-^ Some people haven't watched the finals yet so they're unaware of who won.
  24. Caity

    Dirty Bomb Roster

    Mizu Steam Community :: |발열 일족| 케이틀린