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  1. MorbidLemming

    Reclaimer Build OP

    Hey, Thought I'd start of with some stats for this crazy build for the 1.3 patch. Set Bonus (2): +100% Support Station healing speed Set Bonus (3): +50% Consumables Duration Set Bonus (4): Talent | Reclaimer Consumables and special ammo used now apply to the whole group and are not consumed...
  2. MorbidLemming

    10 v 10 IMBA

    So we ( Me & digitalblade ) decide to play a game of 10 v 10 IMBA, based on the last game we played it shouldn't be that long say 15-30mins, Oh how wrong we were.
  3. MorbidLemming

    Dota 2 Levels

    Head over to the link below to find out what's going to be your next level item! You'll need to get 100 points to level up 1 level and get a different item each time. All the level items in you profile My one is level 54 Hood of defiance
  4. MorbidLemming

    Fever VS Fever Tournament Final Best of 3 03/10/2015

    (for some reason there was an error with the export to YouTube, showing 240p so follow the links for the Twitch vids.) Game 1 in a best of 3 tournament GAME 1 Game 2 in a best of 3 tournament GAME 2 BigPun Aphex AznFaiL digitalblade gamerhellborn Kimenu Rookie ShortySwe...
  5. MorbidLemming

    In Progress: Positions

    So you wanna be a Pro? Below is how the heroes are picked in a game of Dota 2, divided into 5 positions which are designed to benefit the team in a competitive scene. 1 and up to 2 player’s sacrifice their gold and item progression in the game to constantly provide the team with wards...
  6. MorbidLemming

    Dire Ancients Broken!

    OMG the Dire ancients are autostacking. There is no box for the creeps spawning, they are stacking without being pulled by heroes or a dominated creep etc, game breaking at the moment. Just watched a game and there is 5 stacks by 5mins, but no more after that. just watched more and...
  7. MorbidLemming

    Closed: Web Chat

    Not sure if you are aware or if this has changed over the last week or so, every time I log in now the chat box is empty and there is rarely anything displayed on it. Occasionally there will be some comments pop up but then they go away, there will be some "joined the clan" text displayed but...
  8. MorbidLemming

    New Items

    I know the 6.84 patch is underway now but I wanna get your thoughts on the newer items in Dota 2. Is there something you find you always try to get or go for? Is there an item you always build on a hero? Whats the most effective? Whats the best for supporting? Anything bizarre you tried...
  9. MorbidLemming


    A decent guide to follow and take in if you want to change up the locations of your wards or if you would just like to know some decent spots to ward. These are pretty good for protecting your solo heroes and very good at offering vision from some ganking locations. I have shown a couple of I...
  10. MorbidLemming

    Albion Online Guild

    Hey Peeps! I have been playing Albion Online for the last few days and have amassed some wealth, set up the guild FEVERCLAN, bought my own little island and have set up shop in town to start gaining some silver. If you have the game and are wanting to join in on the action I will be in...
  11. MorbidLemming

    Anyone wanna play?

    Hey, New here just wanted to know if there was anyone playing Dota and wanted to add me for some games! Add me on steam for some games. Should be around tonight for game night! MorbidLemming
  12. MorbidLemming

    MorbidLemming's Application

    Games you play: Dota 2 Main Game: Miscellaneous / Other Age: 32 Gender: Male Country: United Kingdom FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: MorbidLemming tag: MMO Username: MorbidLemming Steam Username: MorbidLemming xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do...