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  1. Bhuego

    Guild wars 2 leadership issue

    Would download again if Fever had a presence. Crafting Bifrost was one of my favorite achievements in video games!
  2. Bhuego

    ESO - Roster

    I just started playing this maybe two weeks ago and am loving it. HMU if you want to play: On steam (Bhuego) Level 40 templar. Reaching 50 soon!
  3. Bhuego

    Borderlands 3 pre-signup!

    Bhuego, PC (steam), NA-EST. Looking forward to this weekend!
  4. Bhuego

    Overwatch Fever Playerbase - Post here to be added!

    Just graduated and have more free time. Looking to play more overwatch! HMU Bhuego#11961
  5. Bhuego

    Warcraft III: Reforged

    Anyone else excited for this to come out? Should be in the the next few months.
  6. Bhuego

    Overwatch Fever Playerbase - Post here to be added!

    I just finished school and would like to get more active in Overwatch and Fever. Any advice?
  7. Bhuego

    Stormrage Alliance Guild

    I have alliance toons on Kel'Thuzad and Shadowmoon. Not sure if that's in the Stormrage server group or not.
  8. Bhuego

    Fever_clan Bungie Page

    I hop on Destiny from time to time so hit me up if any of you need someone to shoot with.
  9. Bhuego

    Guild: Congrats!!

    I'm looking to get back in, what does the guild need? healers, tanks, dps?
  10. Bhuego

    NA GCC 6v6 Overwatch Tournament (Cross Community event)

    This is awesome I'd love to compete
  11. Bhuego

    Heyyyyyy Merry Christmas and Happy New Years bro!

    Heyyyyyy Merry Christmas and Happy New Years bro!
  12. Bhuego

    [EU] & [NA] Member List & In-Game Guild Request

    Hey I just started playing this game again. Bhuego.6493 NA Sea of Sorrows. Add me to the guild or as a friend and I'm game for whatever.
  13. Bhuego

    Hearthstone: Tournament (Saturday October 8th)

    Bhuego Bhuego#1456 Druid, Warlock, Paladin I have a head/neck exam the 11th and an NBME shelf exam the 12th but this should be a good study break!
  14. Bhuego

    Finally got legend!

    Yeah Ive been playing since the start and highly advise doing arena for newer players until you can get gold rich. That took me like a year to do though tbh lol Dailies are most important though
  15. Bhuego

    Fever Clan Starcraft 2 roster (OLD)

    yeah you can remove me.. Im casually playing whatever my SO's into post test day lol and she's never been into SC sadly
  16. Bhuego

    Attention Hearthstone Players!

    Ooooh if it's at a good time for me I'll be there!
  17. Bhuego

    Fever Clan Starcraft 2 roster (OLD)

    Not playing SC2 but I'm here! In medschool at the moment so my videogaming is really off and on. Sorry about that
  18. Bhuego

    All heroic adventures completed finally!

    Man league if explorers is rough. That card back is something you really have to earn. Congrats!
  19. Bhuego

    Finally got legend!

    I'm almost strictly mobile so I realised taking ss was a bit much but I found nearly the exact list here: [NA Legend Wild - S27] Patron Warrior - Hearthstone Decks Just use the bloodhoofs for tech. Keep them for aggro shaman locks or mech mage and the like. Switch for secret eaters if it's...
  20. Bhuego

    Finally got legend!

    aww shucks, thanks guys! I'm so busy with school that hearthstone is about the only game I can play. If you need any tips or just want to talk hearthstone (or school? lol) add me on battle net Bhuego#1456
  21. Bhuego

    Finally got legend!

    Yeah it was in wild with the OP patron warrior but I got that card back!
  22. Bhuego

    Multiplayer Server

    I know this is 10d late but fever runs official server 365 you're welcome there anytime :)
  23. Bhuego

    Fever Hearthstone Leauge NA #1

    If it's not too late to join my battlenet id is bhuego#1456 :)
  24. Bhuego

    Fever Tribe on Official 365

    yes official 365 has us as the alpha tribe and we host arena events on weekends
  25. Bhuego

    Looking for some people to play with

    tonight on server 365 we are doing some sword and shield arena fights, add me on steam (bhuego) and ill be on around 6est