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  1. Agbourke

    LoL Training lv 15 Coach required

    What Game are you requesting a coach for? Leauge of Legends What Region/Server do you play on (NA/EUW/BR/etc.)?NA What Role/Race are you requesting a coach for?Looking for a basic all round coach to teach adc/mid/supp When are you available for coaching? My main times are from 6gmt onwards which...
  2. Agbourke

    RankUp Recognition 29-1-15

    RECRUITING Chance32 MSG-1SG Vasquea GYSGT-MSG FutureMantis PVT-PFC uReaction PFC-LCPL Smokus MGYSGT-SGM Dayman PVT-PFC Blackstone SGM-SMA Faceless SGT-SSG Cruelfish CPL-SSG Keno Darkfire LCPL-CPL Demolisher SSG-GYSGT...
  3. Agbourke

    Rankup of the 21/1/15

    For great work within the content creator section! Chemistry CPL - SGT Croatoan SGT - SSG Kyndjiall 1SGT - MGYSGT Jacob811 CPL - SGT Please go to these members and let them know what good jobs they have been doing @Izzo @Kumih0 @nigeleian @PerfectEnigma @Pyu @kawaiipr1ncesss @voncheeter...
  4. Agbourke

    Rank Ups of the 18-1-15

    Sergeant Major --- SGM Blackstone Master Sergeant --- MSG GamerKnoob Esh Abom Staff Sergeant --- SSG Ncola PortableBBQ Demolisher Quinn Vortorn Ladykayden Sergeant --- SGT Riven Masao Croatoan Frozenheart Brommando Izzo Kumih0 nigeleian PerfectEnigma Pyu...
  5. Agbourke

    Modern warfare 3/ black ops 1 looking for people

    I know cod advanced warfare is all the rage now and there are not many people playing cod games here on fever but anyone that would like to play mw3 or bo 1 with me sometime i would appricate that looking for a small group nothing serious just to kill some time on cod for a bit steam name ...
  6. Agbourke

    Game night Starcraft 2

    Hey guys starting game nights for starcraft 2 on Fridays starting tomorrow at 4-5 est for us and 9 pm gmt for europe depending on the amount of intrest in this we can do it everyweek or bi-weekly depends what we do depends on numbers 1v1 obs might get someone to comentate if willin,arcades are...
  7. Agbourke

    Intel Extreme Masters San Jose Qualifier

    I have been watching alot of this of the past 2 days there are some great players and plays sun and ty played a great game along with gumiho and bboyen some greaet terran plays starting to learn some more just by watching.
  8. Agbourke

    Music night guiar etc

    its here again people of FEVERCLAN the night havit arivit tonight at 11pm utc(my zone ) to whatever time we feel like ending maybe a a hour or 2 depeding.There will be a intro/demonstation from myself Deathopus and Nate dawggy if he is there to so how we will work this.4.So bring your intruments...
  9. Agbourke

    Add to in game clan

    Can i get added to both the eu and us in game clans please have barly anyone on friends list to play with or against Eu:agbourke cc 173 US:agbourke cc 173
  10. Agbourke

    Graphic Card choice pradoxs :{

    Hey peoples just having trouble figureing out which is the better option here i have a choice of getting 2 graphics card on friday for €450 delivered the cards are 2 Asus R9 280xs direct cu II so there about 215 each,but at the minute i can only use 1 card but i dont really mind this because i...
  11. Agbourke

    Game recording

    What is a good or above game recorder along with mic capabilties,i have amd raptor but i cant record my mmos with it wont allow to add game so i want something to record all my games and commintate. thanks
  12. Agbourke

    Music: Les Paul Aria

    Hey guys and gals this is gonna be another guitar aimed thread,my mother shown me a guitar she seen on a site called "Donedeal" yes its an irish site (insert potato joke here).But its a Les paul aira and i have no experience in this brand name sure its name is renounded for this and that and its...
  13. Agbourke

    Starcraft 2: Request a Terran basic coach .

    After buying SC2 playing terran campaign starting to play agaisnt bots on multi want to learn more multiplayer Race:Terran (will branch to others later) Region:EU preferably When are you available for coaching:Whatever time the coach can do his/her job. What is your current Rank/Rating (if...
  14. Agbourke

    Lokking to buy SC2

    Do i need to buy both wings of liberty and heart of the swarm to play Sc2 fully also do i need 2 buy 2 different accounts to play on eu and us?.Im looking to get into this game and wants to know if its hard to get into withour prior experience?
  15. Agbourke

    Closed: First PC gaming moniter

    Hey guys once again ag here wanting to seek some inspriration and techincal guru adive from the tech savy fever members,i want to get a moniter for my baby beast im putting together very soon and i been looking around at a whole train range of moniters from 1920x1080 - 2560x1440 i dont mind the...
  16. Agbourke

    Origin and Steam slow downloading

    Hello there fellow gamers and gamets im just looking into my download speed rate on origin and steam and found that they where Shit so i found 1 program that has help my steam downloads but it seems to make origin crash when used its called "cheatEngine 6.2" i wanted to ask if anyone had any...
  17. Agbourke

    Discussion: Musician Players

    Anyone here play any music intruments?intrested in hearing from a few of ye, i know Deathopus you play guitar just wanted to get to know a few music players here in fever i play acoustic and eletric guitar for 3-4 yrs on and off,looking to get into violin now soon. Thanks for reading. Sin Ag
  18. Agbourke

    pc-ps3 controller support

    Does anyone here know of a means to play on the pc by means of a ps3 controller?
  19. Agbourke

    Gamescom Augest 13-17

    Hello guys and gals just wanted to see what happing in Fever when gamescom comes around each year ,i wanted to enquire to who may be attending the event in Colonge,germany this year as myself and a few members were discussing last night about going and have been watching videos of last year of...
  20. Agbourke

    Random Story Full 2.0

    This is will get very wierd for people just reading it and not being there on the night,so forgive me for posting this. <21:32:06> "[|Fever| Kolker|PFC|] |Fever| Kolker |PFC|": Here's a muffin with your name on it... <21:32:25> "[|Fever| Kolker|PFC|] |Fever| Kolker |PFC|": He calls you bad...
  21. Agbourke

    Battlefield CTE

    Is there anyone here that has entry to the CTE servers i got into them today so,if anyone thats on it wants to go testing im available
  22. Agbourke

    Closed: Case Disscusion

    Im looking guys/gals for a new case for a Personal new rig as im giving my current systeam to my family :excitement: but i dont want to buy a case for high price and not get the proper features and so on,so im looking for opinons and advice on cases you have used and what you think would be good...
  23. Agbourke

    Intel Pc Build

    Hi guys/gals im going giving my current pc to the family due to them how do i put it nicly buggying the hell outta me using it everyday i come home from work so im currently working on a new build as the title suggests im switching from amd to intel.This pc im currently ttrying to build is in my...
  24. Agbourke

    Pc Builders guide Yay or Nay Have your say

    Found this today when looking for some inpriation for a new amd/intel build(Yes I know iv done this SERVAL times by now),and just wanted to see your guys/gals reaction to this list i think it is helpful and wondered if the higher end builds are stuiable by Fevers knowladge standard Logical...
  25. Agbourke

    Resolved: Another day ,another impulse computer build questioner by me

    Hey guys/gals hows it going hoping every feverarian here is doing well this mounth,i have a another systeam build for people to speculate and give opinions on,so without futher ado let get into it . Processor CPU: Intel i7 4820K Extreme 3.70Ghz Quad Core CPU Cooling: Corsair Performance...