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    Monday Game Nights

    Thanks for taking the initiative Aussietye
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    Browser Games?!?

    This is a fun one that I play when I have time to kill.
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    Season 13 HC

    Internet in Mexico + Hardcore = Recipe for disaster. Sounds tempting though!
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    Karoke night?

    So with all of that being said Idolator , what's your go-to karaoke song? Mine is "If I had $1,000,000" by the Barenaked Ladies. Or, "Fuck her Gently" by Tenacious D. The ladies love that one.
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    Season 12 Wall of Nephalem Glory!

    Well done!
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    PTR and season 13

    And I heard that there aren't even any changes being made for S13? So why restart the season??? I know, it's just a game, but damn.
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    Season 13 Leveling Event & Competition

    Then I stand by my earlier statement. I'll see ya'll Friday eh!
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    Season 13 Leveling Event & Competition

    Whoops, I assumed that since this post was created on a Friday that it referenced NEXT Friday. I trust everyone had a good time!
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    Season 13 Leveling Event & Competition

    Well shit, if Ghist is going to be there, then so will I.
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    As of April I will no longer be running the FSL

    Synizta Thanks for your contribution. I know it's a thankless task.
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    Downloading this game now!

    Well it turns out that it won't run on my Macbook because I refuse to update to HighSierra. 20GB download for nothin!
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    eSports: RD2L Dota League Draft kicks off next week

    Oh, you know what? I had this confused with the LearnDota2League (LD2L), which was also a Reddit thing.
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    eSports: RD2L Dota League Draft kicks off next week

    I was on the signup sheet, but I didn't make the draft - likely because no one vouched for me. Yes, there is always next season! How is this season going for you ShmeeZZy??
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    Downloading this game now!

    My nephews couldn't stop talking about it this weekend so I'll give it a shot. Are there people around that can show an old guy like me the ropes?
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    Looking for a toss coach!

    Read between the lines here everyone, he wants to know how to cannon rush. Jeez.
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    Event: FSL February sign ups!

    Gotham#1220 silver
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    Event: FSL January

    Good luck haoryuad & Megalot
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    Event: FSL January

    Zellan tried PM'ing you..lets get this done eh!
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    Losing steam

    I play for the comraderie, and the Fever clan peeps are great. Just finding I'm having more fun playing other games right now...and D3 has and always will be there!
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    eSports: RD2L Dota League Draft kicks off next week

    I signed up but haven't heard anything yet...
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    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #319

    My wife isn't a gamer but even she likes it when I read her the 'Funnies'.
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    Mafia Game #33 - Mafia Win (No points)

    Man, I wish I was a villager. So few responsibilities.
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    Mafia Game #33 - Mafia Win (No points)

    RIP Aug.
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    Event: FSL January sign ups!

    Just a heads up Synizta I just qualified Bronze but I haven't played in awhile. So I imagine I'll be bronze/silver.. Anyone want to check out a replay and tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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    The Darkening of's happening again!

    Whats the TL;DR? Are any of these items going to make my existing build that much better?