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    Heroes 2015 World Championships. For those who haven't seen them, the HotS youtube channel just uploaded all of the games. Here is the play list of the matches.
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    Blizcon trailer Lunara <3
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    Every single time I choose Abby...

    The enemy team has a Nova or a Zera on it. Or both..
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    Second Gazlowe match

    I have no idea wtf I'm doing but my team said "get every turret upgrade", so I did.
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    HotS patch notes 10-20

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes -- October 20, 2015 Nothing too big but the medic health increase.
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    Murky is so god like

    I have noticed that Haunted Mines is probably my best Murky map. Side note, my egg never got killed the entire game, and I had it almost in the enemies base. They never found it and they even had a Nova on their team.
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    Impossible team comp on Infernal Shrines

    We ended up winning this match after a rough start. I kinda took charge of what people should be doing. I told Abby to soak the lane that the punisher wasnt on, since the only way we would win was with a level advantage. We were 2 lvls ahead of them the whole time, and won most team fights...
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    Abby vs Murky

    So I was down on bottom lane on BoE just minding my own business when I had a friend come down to say hello.
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    I love Raynor.

    He's so easy to use, but very very effective with the right team comp.
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    Lt Morals, thoughts.

    *Morales So I just played an AI game using her (I'm on the PTR rvnender#1400). My thoughts so far. She's a really good healer, but not stupid good. I would put her around Rehgar healing. She will be able to put up decent healing numbers though, but won't be able to burst heal somebody...
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    In Progress: Murky, the fish with a heart AKA how to piss off your enemy

    Hi all, I'm rvnender and I will be bringing you my Murky build. This is the build that I always use, and its kind of a hybrid build, but its really effective at both pushing lanes and being as annoying to the enemy as you possibly can. You're not going to top any charts and you won't have the...
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    Rexxar+Misha, possible rework?

    Rumor has it that Rexxar is going to get more control over Misha. This comes from a tweet by Dustin Browder on twitter Thoughts? Me personally, I think this is a great idea. Rexxar should have more controller over her.
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    New skins! Including Medic and Artanis That master skin Medic that makes her look like samus! Sorry @<a href="" target="_blank">Petabread</a>, but I gotta use her for that shit bro.
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    Create a new hero.

    This could be fun. Lets create a new hero for HotS. They're not limited by anything, but try to at least balance them out. You're not limited by them just being blizzard properties either. Mario (Super Mario Bros) Melee Specialist Trait: Coins - defeating enemies gives coins (1 coin...
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    So Ray and Joh walk into a shrine. I almost felt bad for the enemy team, but they were focusing on the wrong target.
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    Anybody interested in blood bowl 2?

    If so, I would love to get a bunch of us together and run a tournament for it.
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    In Progress: Rexxar + Misha, build

    Not really a guide, but more of a build suggestion. This is full Misha tank. Misha herself has a ton of health and if you talent her right, she has sustain for days. So far, from what I have seen in QM. People don't realize that most of your survivability is going to come from Misha...
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    RIP treasure goblin.

    I shall miss the sweet sweet 700 extra gold a week. Stay awhile and... KILL THAT TREASURE GOBLIN!
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    This is why I love murky!!!!

    Just enough said man, enough said.
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    KT fix

    According to the patch notes <quote>Living Bomb (W) Chain Bomb (Talent) Living Bombs explosion now applies Living Bomb to the three closest enemies that are not already under its effects, preferring Heroes.</quote> I'm not a KT player, cause I suck with him. But how do you guys feel...
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    HI all!

    Hi all. I'm new to the clan. Became a member last night actually after playing with a few of you guys. Had a blast doing so. Petabread was the one who told me to join, so here I am. A little background on myself. I'm 36 and been a gamer all of my life. I play almost everything with the...
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    Approved: rvnender's Application

    Games you play: HotS Main Game: Heroes of the Storm Age: 36 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: rvnender tag: rvnender#1400 MMO Username: Steam Username: rvnender xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic...