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    Heroes 2015 World Championships. For those who haven't seen them, the HotS youtube channel just uploaded all of the games. Here is the play list of the matches.
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    Blizcon trailer

    I watched the squadron live stream of the map. Man it looks fun, and very very different.
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    Blizcon trailer Lunara <3
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    Every single time I choose Abby...

    Yeah team comps have been ass right now. I did just carry my team with Abby though. We had all assassin's and a murky, they had an ETC. I just did a locus build and kept the pressure on. Even managed to kill their abby twice and their nova twice.
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    Every single time I choose Abby...

    This is just in a QM. It never fails.
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    Every single time I choose Abby...

    The enemy team has a Nova or a Zera on it. Or both..
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    Anything Artanis

    And you can still get hit and stunned during it so don't go diving.
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    Second Gazlowe match

    Multi turret. I asked me team, since I know next to nothing about gazlowe, so my team was giving me some advice on him.
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    Second Gazlowe match

    I have no idea wtf I'm doing but my team said "get every turret upgrade", so I did.
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    Murkey for MVP!!!!

    I love dumb ass enemies. "oh look a circle. Lets walk into it!"
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    WildStar In-Game Info

    member name: rvnender Character name: Frey Solo Race: Aurin Faction: Exile Region: NA
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    HotS patch notes 10-20

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes -- October 20, 2015 Nothing too big but the medic health increase.
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    Artanis Spotlight

    I don't think he's going to be a great tank, however I think he's going to be an amazing off tank.
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    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #204!

    That mac upgrading comic. OMG so freaking funny.
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    Why the Nova hate?

    Everything Nova does, other characters can do better and also wave clear. Nova needs her entire kit redone, or she's only going to be useful in QM.
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    Murky is so god like

    I have noticed that Haunted Mines is probably my best Murky map. Side note, my egg never got killed the entire game, and I had it almost in the enemies base. They never found it and they even had a Nova on their team.
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    I love this clan

    I can teach you to nova. 99% of her is just positioning and hitting the right target. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    FML Tournament #4

    I did soo bad. I apologize to every team member I had. I played horribly. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    Organ Campus Shooting.

    I believe that any time a gun is stolen from a gun owner, not reported, and then used in a crime. That gun owner should be held responsible for anything that gun did. Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    America, as a whole does not care about mass shootings or its victims

    The main reason why nothing will get done about it is simple. Republicans love their guns and Democrats just like guns and neither will come to a compromise. Too the Republicans it's all or nothing. They don't want to hear about reform or closing the loop holes. If you mention either it's...
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    Blizzcon HOTS questions I will ask if you give me your questions

    They said they were gonna do an unranked draft, they just dont know when.
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    Impossible team comp on Infernal Shrines

    We ended up winning this match after a rough start. I kinda took charge of what people should be doing. I told Abby to soak the lane that the punisher wasnt on, since the only way we would win was with a level advantage. We were 2 lvls ahead of them the whole time, and won most team fights...
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    **** SPOILERS ****

    Are the vids up yet? I was at a con on saturday and a birthday party on sunday so I couldnt watch.
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    Unified leveling..... Yes or No?

    I like the fact that there is a unified leveling system because it promotes a more team friendly approach to laning. If there is an off match-up in lane, the rest of the team can build around that with out having to worry about getting screwed in the late game. I also think it makes the...