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  1. Kumih0

    eSports: Is Maru a bonjwa?

    He's for sure one of the top three next to sOs and Rogue... they always seem to switch tho so I cant say that Maru is as good as Boxer or Flash
  2. Kumih0


    Ah sweet dude around the same as you so we should get some games on whenever you are on...Just hope into discord and if I see ya ill drop by!
  3. Kumih0

    KumihO's help thread

    Lol right? They did me dirty but its all good I was gone forever lol
  4. Kumih0

    KumihO's help thread

    Heya everyone! I'm just coming back to Fever after my two years overseas doing contract work and looking to get the Starcraft 2 section popping again. So just a little about me I use to play WoL at High Masters and low Gm for a couple seasons and always loved helping people out with anything SC2...
  5. Kumih0


    Welcome dude! Whats ur ELO at right now?
  6. Kumih0

    Jurrasic Park

    Soooo anyone else play this new game for the past 10 hours straight:worked_till_5am::worked_till_5am: lol
  7. Kumih0


    Lol right? Come back after two years and everything seems to be different :D
  8. Kumih0

    just wanna see wats everyones best champ is currently

    Oh Im running Garen at P2 with a 72% win rate lol. Its stupid but it works omega lul
  9. Kumih0


    Oh man the good old days. I'm about to start playing starcraft again after 2 years off lol
  10. Kumih0

    General Tips and Tricks

    Hey man! Been out of Sc2 for a couple years but use to be a High Master/Low GM player back in WoL so i can help more with mech then builds cause I honestly dont know many of them anymore lol
  11. Kumih0


    To Bronze league you go? When did you leave man :p
  12. Kumih0

    I leave for two years and come back and your a clan leader now.. tisk tisk what has Fever done :P

    I leave for two years and come back and your a clan leader now.. tisk tisk what has Fever done :P
  13. Kumih0

    Approved: Kumih0's Application

    Games you play: Sc2,Lol,CS:Go, anything on steam Age: 27 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: iKumiho tag: Kumiho#1337 MMO Username: Steam Username: Kumihosc2 xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and...
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    Angie Or you can just be like us cool kids and use your laptop while ignoring the professors in class :P
  15. Kumih0

    Sunder your way to success!

    LOL! I felt bad for them lol
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    Thats the best intro into a thread I've seen in awhile
  17. Kumih0

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

    2 D:
  18. Kumih0

    CS:GO Weekly Game Night

    Havent played GO for a good minute but why not :D
  19. Kumih0

    Music: What are you listening to right now?
  20. Kumih0

    Can guys and girls be friends?

    Yesish lol. I'm probably the wrong guy to answer this cause it always seems one of us always gets feelings in the end lol.
  21. Kumih0

    Guild: Badger can't do maths!

    Hey lay off badger.. not his fault he cant do math.. that my 5 year old can :D
  22. Kumih0

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

    Seriously thought i was going to get the number of your friends on facebook or something lol
  23. Kumih0

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

    You really dont have many friends anymore Jam... 1
  24. Kumih0

    Damn girl you still alive or what

    Damn girl you still alive or what
  25. Kumih0

    Count to 100 Enlisted vs Officers

    LOL! Good! cause its going down...1 now staph it