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  1. Still

    I'm funny.

    If anyone knows Phantomlord, you guys know about the whole CSGO shuffle scam that he did. I thought I'd be funny.
  2. Still

    Event: Calling all hearthstone players

    I don't much play hearthstone all that much, so I'm giving away a free skin back and free hero at random. Just type in Still as a reply on this topic. In a week or so I'll announce a winner. Jam tag all your hearthstone people.
  3. Still

    Event: Looking for a Ymir main

    If you main Ymir, reply with Still and I'll randomly pick someone within 4 or so days and give them a code for Twitch Boss Ymir. I don't play smite anymore and my amazon prime gave me a code for it. JSTFY tag your smite people.
  4. Still

    Skill bonus

    Just ranked up two times, didn't know it could go this high. Am I doin' it right?
  5. Still

    This is just too awesome
  6. Still

    I guess

    I'm coming back. Just for Kirbz Ladykayden Raiiken Aug Gladiator
  7. Still

    In case you didn't know

    Some people have been asking what that NEHF thing meant. I've asked around for you guys and have found out that it means a character restriction for the races. Meaning you basically can't create a new character on the server that has a restriction for the race N - Nuian E - Elf H- Hentais and...
  8. Still

    Latest update

    From Hartsman 9/22:
  9. Still

    Anyone want to collectively buy Contagin?

    like the title says? 11$ each for 4 people and we can all be contagin. Who's in?
  10. Still

    To those who don't like the new UI

    A suggestion about the new UI - Forums - Heroes of the Storm I have made a topic about a Suggestion to have a scaling option for future patches. Please comment on it to boost it to where the admins will see it.
  11. Still

    Hearthstoners I have an idea and need your input

    Hey guys, Still here. I am the one (With the new addition of my assistant darkjapan) have been hosting the recent HS tourneys to bring more activity to this section with the help of the section leader Badger . I was thinking of doing a weird twist to the tourneys for a couple of weeks to see if...
  12. Still

    Free Company permissions change log

    Post here any changes you make to permissions for a rank.
  13. Still

    Jax is in the house!

    Look at what my friend made me, I think it's pretty awesome and thoughtful, since jax is my favorite league champ:
  14. Still

    Irish's offer

    Irish's offer to Hpugladiator for mafia: Irish orienz Hpugladiator Doom Agent Of Zion toki Raiiken
  15. Still


    Show me your cool ultimate Nitshft ! Especially with that power range ability ;) Raiiken Toby Krabat Darkstar01 Trubiano
  16. Still


    Fever Smite tourney | BinaryBeast Check it out Will be updating here in a few once we see how many people show up for the teams. Going to be Round robin, best of one then the battle for first place does a best of 3 TEAM 1 Cronofan manatikik Still keola reddragon TEAM...
  17. Still


    So who's ready for another Smite Tournament? This Sunday Feb 3rd at 2pm EST (Around 8pm UK time) I need your help though, so I'm going to throw up a poll. Please vote on it! Valeroth I need a streamer, you down? Winners get the Fever competition award And Players who participate get the...
  18. Still


    I'm looking for Calm headed individuals who have great general knowledge of the game and who are really good at roles and choosing item builds for situations and who would like to lend a helping hand out to others. Post here: IGN What role you play the best Best time to play In game...
  19. Still

    Smite Night 1/27/13

    bulld0g Valeroth (at some point) and Myself will be there! How about you all? 6pm EST! Be there or be square!
  20. Still

    DotA 2: Hi

    konquer I don't care if you are a coach or not. You are now coaching me.
  21. Still

    A Thanks

    I want to thank all who came out to tonight's Smite Night. We had about 16-18 people attend! That's pretty great for an out of the blue game night so again thank you. I also want to give a big individual thank you to Valeroth and bulld0g. For the help of setting it up and also for sharing the...
  22. Still

    Need some help

    Anyone who is a Photoshop guru, please PM me, I have some work for you if any of you are interested in helping :) Thanks ~Still
  23. Still

    Loki God reveal

    Hey guys, Shaco from league of legends made it into smite haha!
  24. Still

    Wtf smite bug? Lol

    Wtf 2 artemis's? dat bug
  25. Still

    Tech News: Windows 8 Phones.. Think they will make the cut?

    HTC vs. Nokia Windows Phone 8 flap misses the point | ZDNet HTC and Nokia are like two 120-pound weaklings bickering over which one will be first in line to be pounded by King Kong. The two companies have been dueling over which smartphone maker has the real Windows Phone 8...