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  1. Eliminator

    Anybody Playing?

    Does anyone here play Fortnite? I hopped onto the discord and none was there. :offended:
  2. Eliminator

    Dawn of war 3 players?

    Anyone up to play dawn of war 3? I have been playing a bit and the elites seem like allot of fun.
  3. Eliminator

    Season 2 score?

    How does the new season 2 comp scoring system work? I have some random high number, it doe not seem anything like last season.
  4. Eliminator

    Start a group?

    Anyone want to start a group, so we can build a big base and raid folks? I play on a random server, IDK if anyone wants to join me?
  5. Eliminator

    I don't get competitive

    I don't get how competitive works. We played a round defending, and won, then it gave us 2 points. Then it switched so we were attacking, and the other team won. Then it ended and said they won the whole game, and we lost. WTF?
  6. Eliminator

    Nipple guy?

    Anyone get annoyed by the video playing on the battle net Overwach menu, where Hanzo is rubbing his nipple over and over again?
  7. Eliminator

    You can Punch?

    I just accidently bumped one of the side buttons on my mouse, and it made my guy punch. It does not mention this in the F1, is this a well-known thing?
  8. Eliminator

    Approved: Eliminator's Application

    Games you play: Overwatch, Brawlhala, Minecaft, Witcher 3, Just cause 3, CSGO, magica 3, ect Main Game: Overwatch Age: 21 Gender: Male Country: Canada FPS Username: Eliminator League of Legends or other Moba Username: Eliminator tag: Eliminator#11990 MMO Username: Eliminator...