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  1. Kumih0

    KumihO's help thread

    Heya everyone! I'm just coming back to Fever after my two years overseas doing contract work and looking to get the Starcraft 2 section popping again. So just a little about me I use to play WoL at High Masters and low Gm for a couple seasons and always loved helping people out with anything SC2...
  2. Kumih0

    Jurrasic Park

    Soooo anyone else play this new game for the past 10 hours straight:worked_till_5am::worked_till_5am: lol
  3. Kumih0

    Approved: Kumih0's Application

    Games you play: Sc2,Lol,CS:Go, anything on steam Age: 27 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: iKumiho tag: Kumiho#1337 MMO Username: Steam Username: Kumihosc2 xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and...
  4. Kumih0

    Last season quest

    So I'm having a super hard time with the reforge a weapon at the mythic with a socket.. ive spent so much mats on this and not sure if I'm doing it right at all! lol IS this something im missing?!?!?
  5. Kumih0

    GW2 TS

    I knows it prob been posted in some log lost forever in Fever, but did the GW TS channel go bye bye?
  6. Kumih0

    Is OSU anime related?

    Yes/No O.o
  7. Kumih0

    MVPCenters Crazy Micro

    starcraft - Jiffier gifs through HTML5 Video Conversion. No idea why but found this extremely funny
  8. Kumih0

    Cant remeber name

    I use to watch this cartoon/anime when i was 10ish so 14 years ago.. It kinda had a tron feeling to it, but thats all i could remeber lol. I really would like to twatch it again but cant find a name :*(
  9. Kumih0

    Movie: Biggest tear jerking movie.

    So what movie was the biggest tear jerker for you? Mine was 7 pounds.. I was watching this on my 1st deployment and I lost my shit I was so sad
  10. Kumih0

    Sad day for the Uk

    So 10 types of porn that just got banned from the UK UK Censors Want Your Internet Sexy Time To Be Less Sexy | SourceFed Spanking Caning Aggressive whipping Penetration by any object associated with violence Physical or verbal abuse Urolagnia (water sports) Female...
  11. Kumih0

    Roughneck is recuirting

    Recently we had a lot of members leave team Roughneck and we are now looking to recruit. Requirements At least Plat on the current season (If you could link Bnet account in request that would speed things alone with less hassle) Fulfill your weekly practice session. Ladder a lot...
  12. Kumih0

    Under the Dome

    So for those who have watched the first season you will know what im talking about If you seen season 2 please dont post anything about it since I just started watching lol
  13. Kumih0

    Come work for Team Liquid

    TL is Recruiting!: Help Fill the Void I sent in one for strategy lol Might be fun
  14. Kumih0

    IEM San Jose Casters

    StarCraft II Casters and Hosts for IEM San Jose Pretty happy with this lineup for casters. Not the biggest ToD fan, but for the most part he knows what he is talking about. I know Richard Lewis is a esport journalist, but I have never seen him before. Anyone have any idea ?
  15. Kumih0

    Mind blown
  16. Kumih0

    One reason I love America

    Canadian hockey fans finish the star spangled banner : theCHIVE 870780
  17. Kumih0

    Book Club?

    Not sure if this has ever been done ( I couldn't find a thread), but I was wondering if anyone would be like to make a Fever Book club. So like we would choose a book and every week have a stopping point in the book and discuss on the book, what it means to you, symbolism, forshadowing ect ect
  18. Kumih0


    So I got a 14 day ban for.. well thats the point I have no idea. This is my first time ever getting a ban and I didnt get a email or anything. What can this be from? I've never abandoned a game and im probably the happiest person in game soooo im all out of options lol
  19. Kumih0

    Need some advice

    So I want to cook something for the wife and kids. Not the best cook in the world but not the worst lol. If you could give me some ideas. Corse cause I know you got dat cook book lol
  20. Kumih0

    Taeja GSL

    TaeJa Confirmed to play in GSL next year Can you say finally. This should be a good hype for next GSL
  21. Kumih0

    mYi Picks up Rain

    mYinsanity signs Rain! mYi Is really picking up there Starcraft game with there current rooster (Rain,Stardust and Jjakji) Cant wait to see who they pick up next :D
  22. Kumih0

    There is still hope lol
  23. Kumih0

    Discussion: Steampunk

    Are there any Steampunk music fans out there?
  24. Kumih0

    Legacy of the Void

    Enjoy! Legacy of the Void Announced
  25. Kumih0

    Blizzcon Updates

    So I'm at Blizzcon right meow and will be posting as much as i can when I'm not freaking out like a little school girl :D