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  1. Doiri


    Epic Games''' Fortnite HORDE BASH ANNOUNCE By The Fortnite Team The Horde Bash update is coming on Thursday, Oct. 5, and along with some enraged husks, it brings a new mode, new weapons, new Heroes, and more! Challenge The Horde Mode It...
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    EA PATCH NOTES 1.4.7

    Epic Games''' Fortnite TLDR: Solder nerf with War Cry + Fight or Flight perk imo: Was way to strong and made it feel worthless to play other classes. Nice change just wish they would buff other classes instead of nerf the only viable pick.
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    Dev Update #2 - Fortnite in the Near Future!
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    PSA: Home Base Reset

    Your home base has been reset in this update. What this means is that when you return to your specific Storm Shield you will notice everything has been reset and all your structures are gone. Yes you will have to rebuilt but everything that was present before the reset has been stored in your...
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    Early Access: What's next?
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    Epic Games''' Fortnite
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    ~Fortnite Game Nights!~

    I will be hosting weekly game nights on Saturday at 5pm EST. During the game nights, we will be spreading up into groups of 4 and be helping out everyone complete their quests or just have fun killing husks. The time and dates of game nights might change in the near to distant future. I...
  8. Doiri

    Fortnite Release Information + Launch Event!

    Well now that Epic posted online officially I can tell you guys all when Fortnite will be available to play! Fortnite for Alpha Tester who pre-purchased a pack can play on July 20th 10am EST Fortnite for General Public who pre-purchased a pack can play on July 21th 10am EST Fortnite for...
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    1 Week Till Fortnite

    We are now at the 1 week mark till Fortnite! In recent news for the game they released a short little cinematic video at RTX. Remember if you are interested with the game there is still time to pick up a founder's pack and get the pre-order...
  10. Doiri

    What do you plan on playing?

    Outlander? Ninja? Constructor? Soldier? What are you most excited for to play? Personally I can't wait to jump into a game as either Ninja or Constructor. Building big basses and slicing up husks is one of my favorite things to do :D -Doiri
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    Fortnite section feedback thread

    If you have any feedback regarding our Fortnite section please post it here! It can be anything from positive experiences to negative experiences, you can also post your own ideas and suggestions here. If it is something private feel free to PM me the suggestion or concern. - Doiri
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    What's Fortnite?

    Fortnite is an upcoming survival video game. It's currently being developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games, the latter of which will also publish the game. Fortnite is a game that been in the making for over 7 years. I myself have been able to see the game grow and evolve over the past 4...
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    Fortnite Helpful Links

    Fortnite Social Media Fortnite Website Fortnite Twitter Fortnite Twitch Fortnite Facebook Fortnite Youtube Fortnite Reddit Fortnite Instagram Fortnite Help/Knowledge Fortnite Forums - Not Yet Available Alpha Players only Fortnite News Fortnite FAQ Fortnite Player Support...
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    Fortnite Fever Playerbase

    Main Game #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1aNger2018-01-13200MGYSGT22 2Emza9982018-04-2994PFC1 3Fabiozo2018-07-1517PVT2 4fr4ntic2017-12-08236LCPL3 5HoneyBridgieBoo2018-05-1974PFC1 6ItsStryk2018-05-0687PFC1 7Kerosz2018-03-10144PFC3 8NasteTV2018-06-2042PFC3...
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    Event: Game Nights Are Back In Action!

    Hey everyone! I'm happy to announce our League of Legends Game Nights are starting back up this coming Saturday (4/22) at 8:00pm EST! Remember, there will be 100 Fever Coins for everyone that joins in on this, and the chance to beat up your friends in close combat, on the rift. Also note...
  16. Doiri

    League of Legends events starting back up.

    As some of you may known there has been a lack of League of Legends events. League has taken a big hit on department staffing. Right now its only me in the department. This means that all events, tournaments, game nights, ect, I will have to manage. Yes this is a lot but I'm willing to put the...
  17. Doiri

    Important: No Raid 20 & 21

    Due to several people unable to this week raid both raiding days for this week are canceled. We will try to resume raiding starting the 27th if people can attend. Aug Kimenu Rookie mantuka FC Ghost Perwild Renvenar PapaRussia bouseherb Badger KittyMae Atomic2326
  18. Doiri

    Guild: Guild Name change

    During the meeting we were discussing the idea of changing the guild name. These were the two idea that came up No Change IE stay The Fever or Aug's Pony Brigade (APB) Let's decide and talk about this Aug Trixie Lulamoon :banana::banana::banana: NOTE: This is just for fun we have...
  19. Doiri

    Important: Fever Guild Meeting 9/17

    On Saturday September 17th, we will be hosting a guild meeting to discuss a verity of topics pertaining to the launch of raids as well as the guild as a whole. This meeting will be held at Midnight EST (11:59pm on 9/17) and will last around 30 minutes it may go a bit longer though. The main...
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    [NA] September League of Legends Tournament Sign-Up

    LEAGUE OF LEGENDS SEPTEMBER TOURNAMENT INFORMATION If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please message @Shiva, @Doiri, or @Mayo...
  21. Doiri

    August League of Legends Tournament Info

    LEAGUE OF LEGENDS AUGUST TOURNAMENT INFORMATION If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please message @Shiva, @Doiri, or @Mayo...
  22. Doiri

    Thank You - Game Night 7/15

    Thank you all for joining! A Happy Otter; Crystal; iDell; BlameItOnTheLag; FC Ghost; JuiceAllDayFool; Lil-Dro; Sealryn; ziggie; ballisticleader1; Hannahfaith; IgnisFray; tmax9; shamserke; LiTOST; If you have any comments or suggestions please message...
  23. Doiri

    Thank You - Game Night 7/13

    Thank you all for joining! BlameItOnTheLag; BouncyKnight; Crystal; iDell; <3; IgnisFray; jack13; SenshiBirdie; tmax9; shamserke; ziggie; A Happy Otter; If you have any comments or suggestions please message Shiva...
  24. Doiri

    Thank You - Game Night 7/8

    Thank you all for joining! FC_Ghost; IgnisFray; jack13; Sealryn; Twistykisses; Jeff2PointOh; stigmaoftherose; Sychorux; ziggie; Nonakuru; Crystal; Aeleion147; Lil-Dro; If you have any comments or suggestions please message Shiva...
  25. Doiri

    LoL: Weekly Game Nights & Tournaments

    LEAGUE OF LEGENDS TOURNAMENT AND GAME NIGHT INFORMATION If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please message @Doiri, or Shiva...