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  1. Kirbz

    Transparency Decision Making behind denying recent membership

    Recently there's a lot of "drama" behind a reinstatement denial and our decision making process seems to be considered faltered. I want to clear it up a bit more so its more in the open. I try my best to be transparent as possible. Winterrose
  2. Kirbz

    Discord Features and requests

    As we adapt to the new ability to use new community related tools such as Discord. There's always features that could be added. list them here if you found them on another server let us know and maybe we can add something similar.
  3. Kirbz

    Minor Security Breach - Verified on 9/28/2016

    There was a user database breach the resulted in the following information being 'stolen' The main thing is EMAIL ADDRESSES username passsword email userid fevercoins etc. Likely due to Vbulletin hack a few days ago THIS BREACH DID NOT INCLUDE ACTUAL PASSWORDS .. it only included salted...
  4. Kirbz

    TS3 server downtime

    The teamspeak 3 server will be off for a few hours this early AM so our hosting company can replace a bad drive. the downtime should be from 3-6 hours. in the mean time we do have a discord discord
  5. Kirbz

    I made a club "Fever"[FULL] (until rito increases limit)

    although the invite options are clunky. i can only invite friends n stuff. so as we get more officers on everyone can get invited.-
  6. Kirbz


  7. Kirbz

    Valve banning cs go servers that use falsified items

    Valve bans CS:GO community servers providing 'falsified' items - PC Game good move
  8. Kirbz

    Website and fever service misuse policy

    I'm confident any leader would back me in saying that if i/we found anyone misusing any fever services inappropriately or illegally or attempts to circumvent some systems in place then you dont get to deal with HR. You just get banned by virus or orienz or bogo or myself. You do not get second...
  9. Kirbz

    Be wary of hack attempts of major online companies like steam/ea/blizzard/sony/xbox

    There were threats last week vs them similar to lizardsquad last year ddosing everything for xmas. it seems to be going on again although so far right now all that is being done is passing bad cached info of other accounts on steam but transaction requests dont go through If...
  10. Kirbz

    Web Server migration complete

    Sorry for the down time on and off since Sunday. I've completed a server migration for our website . I'm sure there will be small issues here and there but please report them if necessary
  11. Kirbz

    Killing floor 2- opt in beta patch

    new perks! KF2 Build 1009 Preview Changelog - Tripwire Interactive Forums
  12. Kirbz

    Testing new video chat software

    Download and install go to your TS3 and enable the plugin Settings -> Plugins then check off TS3Video once done (may have to re-open your teamspeak) Right click anychannel and go to ts3video and...
  13. Kirbz

    no naruto yesterday?

    i hate this show but i've seen every episode so i cant stop watching on principle lol. i just want to know, how close to over is it? isnt the ending movie been out in Japan for a while? i thought it was to wrap up this year some time so with no episode yesterday i figured i'd ask you guys.
  14. Kirbz

    for when you do movie nights

    not sure if you guys ever figured out a solution but i know in the past you guys had issues you could use Rabbit | More than just video chat. Share Your World. it works pretty well . you can have everyone join a room and then stream a show it also doubles as like a tinychat type...
  15. Kirbz

    Guides: Beta Build - Testing LA "bloodslaught" build

    making a bloodlust / onlslaught build Ranger utilizing GMP / Pierce/ puncture and LA/Bloodlust/lmp/ not sure what to link for 4/5/6 links yet going to run HoI or HoT and Hatred or Wrath (likely going to level all 4 and see what benefits the most) still theory crafting and...
  16. Kirbz

    installing KF2

    how mad
  17. Kirbz

    Usergroup tagging and Hashes enabled

    Hello everyone! We enabled hashes such as #bogosux and usergroup tagging. If abused or whatever we can take it away, but for the most part it should make some things a bit easier around here.
  18. Kirbz

    since we made some upgrades

    just gonna leave this here #gunbladeswag ( Agent Of Zion Irish Still)
  19. Kirbz

    Beta client - Pre download available.

    Information about the closed beta test | Skyforge - Become А God in this AAA Fantasy Sci-fi MMORPG
  20. Kirbz

    Brea.... Installing new back-end stuff on the web site

    Some of it just normal updates some of it security related As always, it has a potential to break things. If you come across anything strange please post it here ( Bogo)
  21. Kirbz

    Website Scheduled down time

    Sorry for the short notice but the website will be offline in about 15 minutes @ 9 30 AM EST. server is moving to a new rack to fix some link speed issues (unrelated to ddos stuff, but could help with ddos stuff.. ) Bogo orienz Estimated down time is less than 30 minutes
  22. Kirbz

    Weekly update! another ddos .. another day.

    around 10:25pm EST we were ddos'd with about a 10gb attack. As you may know we just increased our bandwidth but with an attack that large its on the data center to resolve it or we wait it out. Sorry for the inconvenience. update . both servers have been under attack since earlier this...
  23. Kirbz

    Teamspeak Change Logs

    post channel changes and deletions here (no need to post game name channel renames)
  24. Kirbz

    Hardware changes on the Teamspeak server - 12am 2/13

    In the near future there will be some hardware maintenance, that may or may not interrupt our Services. At this moment i'm not sure when but i expect the interruptions to be brief. If i get an exact time/date. I will update accordingly. This includes Teamspeak Fever Chat box...
  25. Kirbz

    We're back again! yet another annoucement for ts3 ddosing!

    Once again sunday night around 10 PM EST we're the victim of a ddos We apparently like to piss people off to the point where we just get ddos'd on a weekly basis. What can ya do, its actually flattering that were worth the time for someone to do something illegal, just to disrupt our...