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  1. Kinta

    Beginner at Fortnite - Calm and Collected 3K while playing Solos

    REFORMED CS PLAYER PLAYS FORTNITE (Quick 3K while playing Solos) Pulling csgo aim on em' I'm playing on Fortnite for PC, my building could get better. This was around 2-3AM.
  2. Kinta

    CSGO Stream

    Aye CSGO gods, I'm pretty decent at CSGO I think - MG2 streaming @ Twitch Trying to get some people to also watch my 24 hour stream tomorrow in which at least for the morning portion will consist of CSGO gameplay. Thank you!
  3. Kinta

    Offguard CSGO clip

    [EN/ES] MM CS:GO - Hit me up w/ a follow Lmao when you get caught off guard but still get the kills
  4. Kinta

    I'm back

    Kintamas is BACK Been around since 2014, got to be an officer and be able to become a part of a good community. I was flooded with work and college but now that I'm a full time student taking mostly online courses and looking for part time work I'll be able to be apart of the community and...
  5. Kinta


    Just got the game, still downloading though - checked out the reviews and some gameplay footage anybody know how stable the online mode and flexible the whole character creation thing is for the game? Heard bad things about the online mode on console but not enough PC footage. (I.E lag and...
  6. Kinta

    Guides: How to train your aim, and warmup (reddit link)

    Found a sweet guide that some of the new guys would fancy reading and making apart of their training routine! LINK
  7. Kinta

    CS:GO: Casual Geographic (VIDEO)

    This is too hilarious, haha I watched the whole thing. Doc BadCompany Jaybee heybob Collision Alphawolf
  8. Kinta


    Soaring the skies :)
  9. Kinta

    Coaching CSGO

    Been seeing more and more of you guys around - (old and new clan members) switching up to the game and felt excited. I would like to offer to coach, this would be my first time in which I offer intuition into the game. I'm not the best but I'm current DMG - looking into the eagle ranks hopefully...
  10. Kinta

    Giving away 2 ESEA 1 week codes

    ^ like the title says I have 2 ESEA premium codes that I want to giveaway - post if you want in.
  11. Kinta

    Get callouts in your minimap!

    I don't know if you guys knew of this but you can download a plugin that will replace your current radar / minimap with one with callouts which is pretty useful if it's your first time in a certain map or you derp out and forget. Radar Image with map callouts. : GlobalOffensive Images...
  12. Kinta


    Soon to upgrade (pushed it back to two weeks because of a better deal that I think is worth it for the PC build).. Essentially I'm going from garbage 30 FPS to around a steady 200, but I need more ideas to be able to play at the best like what good keyboard could I use, headset and any other...
  13. Kinta

    CSGO Motivational Video feat. Shia LaBeouf Damn makes me damn motivated to go out there and HS some people.
  14. Kinta

    To motivate all of you nerds that are close.. Doc Collision BadCompany datfuzion
  15. Kinta

    [SMOKES] Simple Mirage smokes guide Found this on youtube, pretty fast paced - tells you general the direction without the hassle that those other unnecessarily long videos have, enjoy!
  16. Kinta

    Do some Overwatch!

    The recent VAC ban waves are cool and all but word gone out that some cheaters have been re-supplied if you know what I mean - word from reddit at least and an influx of cheaters have been coming out again. So it be cool if some of you if you aren't already at least dedicate some time to do 5 -...
  17. Kinta

    Finally MG1!

    So happy right now after much practice and good plays with my friends and solo queue I've gotten to MG1! I have a lot of work to do but I believe I'm ready to take on competitive side of CS, a couple of weeks until I can actually get a PC that I can have no disadvantage with (have been playing...
  18. Kinta


    As you guys have noticed I have been gone for a while mainly due to work and college but now the semester is over and I have left is CS and work which leaves me with enough time. Throughout this time I have dedicated my time wisely in practicing and getting better - viewing demos.etc and hope to...
  19. Kinta

    seangares pulls a ptr

    the video hes referring to: LOL hes such a troll i swear
  20. Kinta

    If you want to get better..
  21. Kinta

    CSGO Training Nights?

    Anybody up for it? Could arrange the server for such specifications and hold a nice training night every so and so day in the week or have it open for Fever Clan practices. What do you guys think?
  22. Kinta

    Cheater showing us how to throw molotovs LOL
  23. Kinta

    steel's got a good point

    on the last couple of paragraphs Steel here : GlobalOffensive
  24. Kinta

    Not feeling good

    Going to try out HSMOD and stick to it for at least 4 - 5 hours a day, training_aim_csgo aim map, 1v1 arenas, and the aim botz workshop map. Anybody have a suggestion on how to get out of my bad month? Reply if you may, trying to kick ass again.
  25. Kinta

    Surf Meister

    This guy is a boss at surfing, talent imo.