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    Approved: Tech Simulator's Application to Join

    User name: Tech Simulator Game(s) you play:: Sea of Thieves, Fallout 76, No Man's Sky, Fortnite, AQ: First Contact, Happy Wars Age: 18 Gender:: Male Current In-Game Username(s):: Tech Simulation Tech Simulator Tek Simulation Tech Support Do you have a Mic and Discord:: Yes Referrer:: How did you...
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    News: Aquila: First Contact

    I have made this because I thought some of you might like to try out a new mobile game that I have put hundreds of hours into it is amazing game that promotes play to win instead of pay to win. You can create ships to fight pirates, traders and other players in this sci-fi game, you can control...
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    Approved: Tech Simulator's Application

    Games you play: March of Empires, War and Order, Aquila: First Contact, Clash of Clans, Clash of Kings, Clash Royale, Guns of Glory, Forge of Empires, Dawn of Titans, Game of War: Fire Age, Mobile Strike, Empire: Four Kingdoms, Clash of Lord's 2 Age: 18 birthday May 27th 1999 Gender: Male...