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  1. Sns

    Heroes Academy tonight

    Tonight will be hosted by Sandmonk or Sandman whatever you want to call him :P. The start time might be a bit later than planned but it will defo be happening so please be patient. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me :).
  2. Sns

    EU games night

    EU games night will be held tonight but I cannot host it for long I have a family meal to go to so I can host it for a few games. Still come and join and we can have somefun :)
  3. Sns

    Heroes Academy tomorrow

    Heroes Academy will be hosted by Sandman this week. The session will be hosted in the coaching channel in teamspeak IF you have any questions please inbox me or contact me via teamspeak. Its our first night so please enjoy the experience and do not forget its launch day!
  4. Sns

    Start of Heroes Academy

    Heroes Academy will be hosted for the first time on June 2nd. The time we are looking at is around 7:30pm EST so I hope that time is ok for everyone who wishes to partake In this event. Times can be changed to fit people in but this is just our starting point. Since this is our very first...
  5. Sns

    EU games night 29/05/2015

    Its friday again and time to get our eu hots on! region locks do not apply anymore so if you want to play a bit of eu hots come an join us. starts 2pm est 7pm UK time. Lets get wrecking shit.
  6. Sns

    Heroes Academy

    Cancelled until I remake it ~tilted
  7. Sns


    As tiltedslim mentioned before he went away. Heroes academy will be starting next week. I have had people inquire about coaching already, I need to know if there is anyone else wanting to pursue a coaching job within Fever. I need to know within the next couple of days so that I can get things...
  8. Sns

    EU games night 22/05/2105

    We have our game night this Friday once again. To make things a bit clearer it will start at 7 pm UK time so work our your +1s and 2s. Once we get more consistent with people coming. We will have some giveaways and some other cool things which I want to do. Last week was fun and I feel we could...
  9. Sns

    How did we lose? this has to be the most fucked up thing i have seen

    Like, that was the best game i have played with vikings and we still lost.
  10. Sns

    EU games night - 15/05/2015

    Hey guys, Just to let you know EU games night will be happening for defo this week. It will start at 7pm GMT+1 so make sure your there. We have been getting more people joining each week so this week is no exception. Sorry about last week but things are sorted now with my personal life so its...
  11. Sns

    Heroes of the storm coaching

    Ok guys, The time has come for us to setup our very own coaching section and will be setup very soon. Anyone who is interested in becoming a coach, please contact me and we can arrange an appointment so that we can go through the admin side of things and arrange a trial. Myself and tiltedslim...
  12. Sns

    EU games night 8/05/2015

    Ok guys lets get some more people for games night i want to have atleast 10 people so we can have some in-house customs! Lets make heroes EU a massive part of Fever.
  13. Sns

    Kekkai Sensen

    This is a new anime currently airing and i think this has a lot to offer in the story i think ill keep watching it and see where it goes. Description of the anime A breach between Earth and the netherworlds has opened up over the city of New York, trapping New Yorkers and creatures from...
  14. Sns

    EU games night - 01/05/2015

    Ok guys so last games night was good. This week i want more people to join us! come on and join us for some fun games and chill out time. When we get more people we can do some 5v5 customs or even some hero league! lets get more people than the NA games night!
  15. Sns

    EU games night - 24/04/2014

    Ok guys its offical, our games night will be this friday. We will start at 7pm GMT+1 which is UK time so work out your time zones and make sure you make it! Depending on how many people turn up we might do some 5v5 in-house custom games for a laugh they are seriously fun and i we can have a...
  16. Sns

    Quest to 99 woodcutting and Fletching

    I am currently on a mission to skill for both 99 woodcutting and fletching. If anyone would like to join me they are more than welcome to, it keeps people entertained and motivated to do the endless hours of grinding for those 99 skills. Let me know or add me in-game username: wazio on oldschool...
  17. Sns

    Black Bullet

    I would like to recommend Black bullet as an anime people should watch. If you like action with some Sci-Fi then this is the anime for you, Only being 13 episodes long is really nice and easy on the hours for watching time. Below is a short description about the anime to see if you like the look...
  18. Sns

    EU Games night

    For all you EU hots players i will be hosting a games night for all of us on the EU side of things. Please vote for one of the polled days and comment if you have any restrictions for attendance. I want this to be accessible for all time zones and for all of the EU members of the clan. Look...
  19. Sns

    A little thing for EU players.

    I'm not sure if this is possible but it is something to think about. Wednesday night is games night for NA Heroes Of the Storm but there is nothing for the EU players unless they play on NA servers. This is just to my observations correct me if i am wrong. Being active in the forums i have...
  20. Sns

    LOL that mosh pit

    Well, this has to be one of the best mosh pits i have seen for a while check this out
  21. Sns

    Interest in Team League NA

    Hey guys, just wanted to know who would be interested in creating a Fever Team league team, or multiple teams since there is 3 teams that can be made. Obviously you will have to be profile level 40 and have a decent knowledge of game mechanics and hero skill sets. I hope this thread will spark...
  22. Sns

    Kuroko no Basket

    Well i just joined you guys and i noticed you had an anime section in the forums. This anime Kuroko no basket Is a sports based anime which varies in what type of anime you think it is, it is listed as a comedy/ Shonen. I can safely say if you like something that is funny but has some serious...
  23. Sns

    Sns's Application

    Games you play: Heroes of the storm Main Game: Heroes of the Storm Age: 23 Gender: Male Country: United Kingdom MW3/Battlefield Username: League of Legends/DOTA 2 Username: Starcraft 2 Username: SWTOR/Diablo 3 Username: Steam Username: xFire Username: Other Usernames: Sns/ Sns...