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  1. BadFishSC

    Guides: Alts

    If you have been playing WoW for any period of time, you have probably heard the term "alt" thrown around. This guide will explain most of the things your need to know about alts. This guide will work for BFA but may change in the future. What is an alt? An alt is character you have on your...
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    Guild: Guild Recruitment Ad

    Fever - Stormrage Alliance is currently recruiting. We are rebuilding and combining guilds from multiple servers. Many players have moved on, and we need to fill some spots. We are currently looking for motivated player interested in progression. We believe an enjoyable atmosphere falls in line...
  3. BadFishSC

    Guides: PvE Add-ons

    There has been some talk on Discord, and I usually get asked in stream a lot about add-ons. If you look up anything on the internet about WoW add-ons, most guides usually tell you that it is personal preference. While that is the case, I will provide at least a starting point and you can...
  4. BadFishSC

    Guides: Raid Preparation Guide

    As the title suggests, this is a guide to being prepared for current raids. This can be pugging, normals, AOTC, progression, or farming. This will help you get the most out of the raid. The worse thing is wiping repeatedly to the same boss and constantly having to reset. It costs you gold in...
  5. BadFishSC

    PvE: Improve as a PvE DPS Player

    I wanted to prepare a simple guide to improving as a PvE DPS player. This isn't a guide of how to improve your DPS, it is more of how to improve as a player. While having top DPS is nice, there are other things that are important as a DPS player that should be mastered. 1 - Research The most...
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    Event: Alliance M+ Game Night

    I'm interested in starting an Alliance M+ game night. The goal would be to get run M+ dungeons for gearing with the +10 chest on reset and push further for some progression. The times are open but right now, I am thinking Wednesday and Friday nights from 8 - 11 PM EST and Saturdays from 7 - 11...
  7. BadFishSC

    Back to WoW

    Hello. I'm returning to WoW after a small absence. The last time I played was in vanilla (2005-ish). I have been playing recently but am super lost. Playing 8 hours/day, just doing questing to hit max level is starting to really get tedious. It is hard to play the game because it feels like I'm...
  8. BadFishSC

    Coaching Available

    I just wanted to remind everyone that there are Diablo 3 class coaches available for anyone. If you need help with playstyle, picking a class, builds, gear questions, meta questions, or anything Diablo 3 related, find a coach and ask. The current trend looks like Diablo 3 will enter...
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    It is possible.

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    Bounty Tips and Tricks

    Since many players don't like bounties, here is a video from Wudijo, a top DH player, giving some tips about how to burn through them much faster. YouTube
  11. BadFishSC

    Pet Goblins

    This season, I've only managed to put in 12 hours, which is pretty sad compared to the 200 hours I usually put in. Regardless, RNGesus has been kind to me and gifted me with 3 pet goblins. I posted in the clan chat. I only received one response out of the three, but there were five or more...
  12. BadFishSC

    Zwift - A gaming way to stay fit

    I'm a pretty avid triathlete. Living in Indiana does present a set of challenges to training since the lakes freeze over in the winter and the roads get covered in snow. This makes it difficult to swim, cycle, and run year round. I usually swim at a nearby pool in the winter and run outdoors as...
  13. BadFishSC

    Important: World of Warcraft Staff

    World of Warcraft Staff Roster Fever Name In-Game Job BadFishSC Executive Officer, XO Vacant Company Commander Vacant Assistant Company Commander Decimous Horde In-Game Officers Bootygoblin Horde In-Game Officers MrXWiz007 Horde In-Game Officers Decimous Alliance...
  14. BadFishSC

    Argument for BotRC over CoE (Generator Monks)

    As most people know, I love monks. I first played a monk in season 2 along side a WD, which is what I started D3 with. Since then, I love the playstyle. I have built just about every type of monk, yes, even the ones that are not really viable. My favorite monk is a Raiment Generator, which was...
  15. BadFishSC

    Start Thinking About the End of the Season

    Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing great. This has been a good season so far but all things eventually come to an end. With more information about the necromancer being released, the end of the season will be on us before we know it. To avoid the last minute grind, we should start to...
  16. BadFishSC

    Approved: thebadfish2's Application

    Games you play: HotS, CSGO, Diablo 3, SC2, TF2, COD, LoL Main Game: Age: 31 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: thebadfish2 League of Legends or other Moba Username: thebadfish2 tag: thebadfish2#1868 MMO Username: Steam Username: ghost8404 xFire Username...