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  1. Rookie

    Saturday Sept. 17th 3rd round of the Points tournament

    These are the updated scores taking into account the games that were played on the 17th. Sorry for the delay. The next tournament games will take place on Sept. 24th at the same time as they have always been (8PM BST (GMT +1) 3PM EST) 1. Greed1sGood - 14 Points 2. Rookie - 11 Points 3...
  2. Rookie

    CSGO gamenight update

    With both the lack of participation during my last gamenight which was hosted on the 20th. I decided to move my gamenights to Sunday at 3:00 CST for two of reasons. First and foremost, just the lack of attendants that day made me think that not many people are willining to come on Saturday at...
  3. Rookie

    New CS:GO gamenight host (AMA)

    Hey guys! Since I was "recruited" (ROFL \_(ツ)_/ ) by our lord and savior Kimenu to the CS section he asked me to try and get more gamenights going since I was the most consistent gamenight host in the Dota 2 section. I am planning on having the gamenights that I will host EVERY week on...
  4. Rookie

    I'm Back!

    Hey guys!! It's been a long couple of months for me since I had to go VO and I got to go spend some time with my father but I came back a couple days ago and I finally got settled back in. Since I am now going to be active again for the next 10 or so days i'd like to get back into the habit...
  5. Rookie

    Coaching Request

    What Region/Server do you play on (NA/EUW) What Role are you requesting a coach for? Mid When are you available for coaching? All weekend and much of the week after 4:00PM central US time What is your current MMR (if applicable): Any Preliminary Questions? Anything else we should know...
  6. Rookie

    Dota 2 Tournament Announcement

    Dota 2 Tournament Since our last tournament on the 9th of April was a large success I can think of no reason to stop preparing for the next one. The planned date of this next tournament will be on May 7th which is a Saturday. Time will be given out as soon as my coworkers and I know ourselves...
  7. Rookie

    FRIDAY NIGHT HOTS!!! 4/1/16 - 8 PM EST

    Will this be on EU or US just for the matter :P
  8. Rookie

    Dota 2 Fever Academy Session 5

    The Next Installment of Dota 2 Academy Presents On Sunday April 10th the next episode of Dota 2 Academy will take place. This session will be an overview of the laning stage in general with very lightly touching on the 3 most common lanes you will see. The session will take place at 9PM GMT+2/...
  9. Rookie


    As of yesterday (because I was too lazy to make a post about it) the Fever Dota community will be hosting another in-house tournament. The setup will be the same as the last tournament (I will link the post below) we tried to host but eventually failed because of inadequate number of people...
  10. Rookie

    March Tournament!!!!

    There will be another tournament that is being hosted on Saturday, March 19 at 18:30 CET (GMT+1) Games will be double elimination BO1 and the Finals will either be BO3 or BO5 depending on the decisions of the teams in the finals. Teams will be organized in teamspeak before the tournament starts...
  11. Rookie

    Dota 2 Fever Academy Session 4! UPDATE!!!

    Dota 2 Fever Academy Session 4 As of today, (February 28), the long awaited Fever Academy Session 4 will be starting next sunday, (March 6th). The topic we will be going over this session will be last hitting and farm efficiency. Information will be given out as soon as either Kimenu or I get...
  12. Rookie

    Saturday Game night

    Since Daddy has stepped down from host of Saturday gamenight. And the gamenight gods have chosen me to host it (Mostly because Kimenu is too lazy to host it himself). And it has been my observation that not many people have been able to come to Saturday gamenight which I can understand because...
  13. Rookie

    Rookie's coach request

    What Region/Server do you play on (NA) What Role are you requesting a coach for? Mid When are you available for coaching? All weekend and much of the week after 4:00 central US time What is your current MMR (if applicable): Any Preliminary Questions? Anything else we should know?
  14. Rookie


    Date: day, 02/13/2016 Game/Activity: Dota 2 # in Attendance: 11 Members in Attendance: Agachee; AndiSimonetti; Atomic2326; bouseherb; digitalblade; Kimenu; Pekki; poetu666; Rookie; Shanill; Supguy123 Length: 40 minutes to hour Measure of Success: description of how successful event was: Pretty...
  15. Rookie

    Dota 2 Fever Academy changes

    Due to the Dota 2 Fever League grand finals being hosted tomorrow, the Dota 2 Fever Academy lesson will be postponed 2-4 weeks. But Kimenu will be doing an in-depth analysis of the grand finals between team Daddy and team Gori. And as usual if anyone has any questions regarding the Academy...
  16. Rookie

    Dota 2 Fever Academy Session 4!

    Greetings Fever members. Today the Dota 2 Fever Academy team is announcing the 4th session of the Fever academy. The session will be this sunday at 8pm GMT+1. We have already covered drafting, itemization, and warding. And this week we will be covering Last hitting and getting the best lane...
  17. Rookie

    Dota 2 Player trying to transition to HotS

    I'd like someone to help me become a better player in HotS so I can feel more accepted in game nights and such because the last thing I want is to be that one guy that does nothing for 20 minutes. I would love it if someone can just help me with more technical stuff since I feel I play pretty...
  18. Rookie

    Resolved: Ribbon???

    I was playing in the Dota 2 Fever tournament and a couple days later I got this ribbon for winning a Fever v Fever tournament. It's all cool and everything but my team and I didn't win the tournament, we only got 3rd. I just didn't know if I'm still "eligible" for this ribbon since it says...
  19. Rookie

    Double Trouble event :D

    Hey everyone, I hope to be communicating with more people in Fever so I thought the best way to do that is to make my own event to get people to join in a fun event that I used to organize with some other friends before I joined. Every couple weeks or so I would make a Double Trouble event with...
  20. Rookie

    What is the best way to go up in solo mmr quickly?

    I've been playing a lot of solo ranked the last couple of weeks but i just keep going up like 25 and then back down. I usually play support in ranked because I feel that it keeps me in the game but would my mmr go up more if I played cores more often? I feel like I'm improving as a player but...
  21. Rookie

    Rookie's Application

    Games you play: Dota2 Main Game: Dota 2 Age: 15 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: Rookie League of Legends or other Moba Username: Rookie tag: Rookie#1563 MMO Username: Steam Username: Rookie xFire Username: Other Usernames: Do you have a Mic and...