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  1. Remmy

    Get better

    i was going though reddit and i found this post and thought i would share it here if anyone was interested
  2. Remmy

    Snuffed out reking Horde not my vid just sharing Battle report
  3. Remmy


    Remember to vote for your CSM candidates Vote - EVE Community
  4. Remmy

    F7C-H0 battle report

    EVE Kill Report Repair Tool rip this guy
  5. Remmy


    abit late on posting this (just found out) ANNOUNCING SUNDAY FUNDAY BATTLE ROYALE!!! talk to your fleet commanders today and make sure you don't miss out!!!! : Eve should be fun if anyone wants to go and get rekt by hordlings :3 and if you just want to watch
  6. Remmy

    First major battles of the year

    found this on reddit and thought i would share it here
  7. Remmy

    Rune pages

    Just wanted to know if most of you go with slandered rune pages or make pages to you play style and how often you try new try new combinations personally i've been using less Mr and going with more scaling cdr
  8. Remmy

    Season results

    So how did everyone do and how did they feel about this season personally i choked i failed my goal
  9. Remmy

    Breaking point

    I have to say watching this as a TL fan is hard but its worth the watch
  10. Remmy

    Season end

    for those for you wondering when the season or doing the elo rush here the exact count down till season end just make sure you put it on your region
  11. Remmy


    Has anyone beat them
  12. Remmy


    Ayyo if anyone is playing feel free to add me ( remmysan )
  13. Remmy

    Looking for a full team of 5 KOTK

    I'm looking a 5 man team for king of the kill if you inserted or have room in your group please add me Steam Community :: Rem is love Rem is life <3
  14. Remmy

    anyone still playing

    thinking of playing again is anyone still playing?
  15. Remmy

    just for lol's
  16. Remmy

    Gamma 2 cases

    so the Gamma2 cases came out today by far the best skin is the ak
  17. Remmy

    anyone playing on eu?

    i just started playing and was wondering if anyone was playing on the eu severs and if so what sever atm im on windrest
  18. Remmy

    anyone playing faceit?

    i started playing faceit and was wondering if anyone would want to group up
  19. Remmy

    dota weely fails
  20. Remmy

    whats your favrite hero and why favorite

    idk why but ive also like windranger
  21. Remmy

    ive started playing again

    well i got board and start playing this again even doe when i play i feel like ripping out my hair and stabbing someone i cant keep off it for to long so if anyone wants to play my ign is voncheeter (euw)
  22. Remmy

    Arc warden

    So I discovered I like playing him but not sure how his combo works or when to use what anyhelp would be greatly appreciated :) Sent from my ALE-L21 using Tapatalk
  23. Remmy

    getting better

    i was looking for a guide to get better and i found this and it help me abit so i thought i would share it :)
  24. Remmy


    i was bribed a $10 rp card to shere this and got the rp and a free skins so enjoy ps i will do more sell outs if you get something out of it <3
  25. Remmy

    RI ranked teams

    The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback ps atm of making this thread ive been thought 3 10 min ques and 6 doges send help and how do you get beyond champ select
  26. Remmy

    RI ranked teams

    The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback ps atm of making this thread ive been thought 3 10 min ques and 5 doges send help and how do you get beyond champ select
  27. Remmy

    Challenger Nidalee

    whats your guys thoughts personally i like it but i dont play nid much so im not sure if i'll get it
  28. Remmy

    i played with someone from rito xD

    and i had a bad game :(
  29. Remmy

    euw down again

    why is it always the eu severs the have all the problems :(
  30. Remmy

    the carry is real

  31. Remmy

    i need to try this
  32. Remmy

    kindred champion spot light!!! rito take my rp :)
  33. Remmy

    Interview with Riot Lyte xD
  34. Remmy

    worlds pick'em

    what are your picks for the worlds group stage Worlds Pick'em | League of Legends World Championship 2015
  35. Remmy

    10 minute win

    is it normal for everyone to rage quite in 10 minutes
  36. Remmy

    Anyone playing on euw

    So ive started playing on the euw sever for the simply fact my ping is alot lower and the community is alot less salty on on the eu severs but with that in mind i don't want to play with randoms all the time so if you on euw sever feel free to add me my summoner name is voncheeter (same as na)
  37. Remmy

    Music: nightcore made by me

    so i'm thinking of making nightcore and wanted to give it a try for those of you who dont know what Nightcore is Nightcore is a techno/trance/dance/pop/rock song that has been modified from an original song - it differs from that song in...
  38. Remmy

    fallout 4 trailer
  39. Remmy


    post all you selfies here
  40. Remmy

    DLC rumors

    The anticipation of new DLC heists for GTA 5 is troubling fans, with rumours of its release surfacing online. After all, there has been no follow up for Heist DLCs. So, while speculation in some circles points to 26 May, the day after the US Memorial Day, others argue about an update in the...
  41. Remmy

    GTA 5 mysterious cut Heist mission

    Renowned YouTuber, MrBossFTW, has revealed some intriguing gameplay details in his latest GTA 5 video pertaining to a mysterious Heist mission, 'The Nice House' aka Sharmoota Job, which was cut ahead of the game's release. Until now we had only scarce details about the missing Heist mission...
  42. Remmy

    WARNING!!!!!!!!!!! malware infected GTA mod

    It's come to light that the Grand Theft Auto V mod Angry Planes, as well as another one entitled No Clip, contain a keylogger called Fade.exe. The presence of the malware first came to light on GTAForums, and has been confirmed by "The Angry Planes mod was downloaded and run by...
  43. Remmy

    anyone still playing

    title says it all
  44. Remmy

    iCEnhancer graphics mod is coming to GTA 5

    Having thoroughly polished Liberty City, the iCEnhancer mod is coming to GTA 5. It's early days yet, but Hayssam Keilany's ENB-based graphical enhancement mod is in the works for Rockstar's latest. You can see some pre-alpha screenshots over at the mod's Facebook page, and the following video...
  45. Remmy

    Rockstar Changes EULA - Can Ban Players For Modding GTA V

    It has been a topic of discussion for a while now, however Rockstar recently made modding Grand Theft Auto V a violation of their terms of service, enforcing a ban on players found to be using mods. This wouldn't be a surprise for mods affecting the online mode, but it seems that even single...
  46. Remmy

    bad teams

    i've recently started playing smite and every match someone rages quites is this just something common in the lower levels are does this happen alot?
  47. Remmy

    fine line on mods

    GTA V Online PC players are walking a mighty fine line when it comes to modding, it seems. There is a lot of confusion currently as to which mods are actually allowed and which are not. Any mod that gives players an unnatural in-game advantage is obviously a big no no. However, certain players...
  48. Remmy

    North yankton mod

    A mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 PC's version lets players explore the deserted town of North Yankton, which isn't supposed to be available outside of a scripted story sequence. The mod, NATIVETRAINER - NORTH YANKTON EXT, is available on a French website dedicated to modifying developer Rockstar...