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  • Hey Xvose, good to have you back... must have been a short vacation away from the clan... I thought I saw a recognition for you last month for the Welcome team work you did? Either way, good to have you back. P.S. If I am mistaken please forgive me and put my head in a ringer :salute:
    Welcome to the Fever family! I played LoL ages ago, but have not gotten into it and just don't play it, but as long as you like it then that is what matters! I hope you enjoy playing with all the members we have! :)
    Glade to see your back bud! Hope to see you on TS some time.
    Alright, I'll stop asking. Still, its good to have you back
    I won't be answering any question's about that.
    Hey. welcome back. Why you left and rejoin Fever?
    Hey man, I saw you left the clan for some reason, and now you're suddenly back, what made you leave/rejoin Fever?
    Hey! Long time no see lol Congrats on another rank up!
    recruits recruits and more recruits that is what feverclan likes to see and because you and your hard work feverclan continues to grow. so Congrats on your rank up!!!
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