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  • Thinking of you. I hope you're doing alright.
    Also, congrats on the promotion, sir! :)
    Gratz on your rankup!
    Hey, thanks for the welome. As for Battlefield 1 I think the game is pretty cool, I enjoy the WW1 feel, but the game is kind of buggy. I've also noticed it seems a little unbalanced when it comes to certain aspects like vehicles, and I've noticed quite a few hackers, but thats on par with pc games anymore for the most part. message me if you ever want to play.
    Why thank you. So far things are pretty good. Meeting a bunch of folks just chilling and playing games. I have a few champs I like. My fave would probably be Abathur. His gameplay is what got me interested in HOTS. Yeah I'd love to chill with you on something eventually. Talk to ya later.
    hey worggy,
    though i've only been here a few days, i got to agree with you. this is an amazingly warm and welcoming clan. i love it so far.
    i'll definitely will look for games we could play.
    i've been in that link you send. and i thank you for giving it to me. sadly i didnt make the first game night because of Chaves.
    thank you for your welcome.
    Hi, Thanks for the welcome! I am still getting to know things here! I generally play Smite on PS4. Though I am going to try some games on Steam as well!

    Thanks, I think fever is great so far went into a big bunch of games of smite with some really fun people and they gave me tips on how to get better.
    When is this 'game night'?

    I'd like to know more about this youtube thing, as I've had alot of experience editing: SPLIT 6 MAN, COLLAT!? - Black ops 3 Montage - By John Smith - YouTube
    I understand it says John Smith, but I thought that people might find out it was me so I used a fake name.

    I also wonder if there is an opening for streaming because I love doing streams: https://www.twitch.tv/furiouscalvin

    All the best, Calvin.
    thank you for your post. yes eveyone is very nice. i just found this new game paladins and i have been playing that along side smite.
    Hello Worggy.

    Thank you for being so welcoming. This clan has been great so far. It's the first one I've ever been in and its awesome. I've met a few people on ts and they're very friendly. If you want to play some CS or something sometime I'll be on the Hearthstone channel. It's the only fps game I play and I don't play it for the competitive aspect.
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