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  • Or learn how to do the Napoleon dynamite dance
    Just wear some sexy lingerie and cook him something nice
    Learning some sweet new moves for yo man? Lol
    Well it's always nice to see you when you return
    so yoiu decided to reemerge again?

    YOur like the elusive unicorn, only female :p
    Damn, that's alot of work. I've been doing pretty well myself, thanks.
    No one can be as bad as me hahahhah.
    I don't play much, that's why.

    Or I just suck.

    Or people are teaching me bad, but I doubt that hahahaha.
    I remember you trying to teach me how to play LoL xD.

    I still suck :eek:
    Until proven wrong that's your nickname lol
    havent heard from ya in a while, thats why i was checking in Miss Selfie queen!
    Are you alive again or poof again?
    haaai!! haven't seen you in a while :3
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