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    Anyone Vape?

    Got the snowwolf vfeng and its an awesome mod. as for a tank im using the super beast v12
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    Do any of you ride?

    I havent rode a bike with an engine but i mountain bike
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    Multi Shot Demon Hunter

    Why not cube the COE and get focus/restraint and replace the neck with hell fire or squirts? I run it with squirts and its helped me push GRs
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    Raid sign up

    I can DPS and tank down the road
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    Anyone here into getting some raids in???

    Just started as well and would be down for raids.
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    Approved: WaywordOne's Application to Join

    User name: WaywordOne Age: 23 Gender: Male Game(s) you play: FFxiv, League of Legends, Escape from Tarcov, BDO, star craft, and a lot more Current In-Game Username(s) you would like to share: WaywordOne Do you have a Mic and Discord: Yes What is your Discord username and #...
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    Finding anon

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    BDO is TO pay to win. Sliphantom's video on WoT made me realize this.

    idk i hate the mp and i do buy pearls but im behind u guys in GS but not in other departments
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    BDO is TO pay to win. Sliphantom's video on WoT made me realize this.

    WoT is ptw and bdo isnt really i mean the only pay thing that makes a huge difference is a value pack however u can get it in auction... so pay for convenience
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    Web Site Updates / Upgrades (vbulletin) Aka old

    I agree with the declutter
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    Status of Star Citizen

    So I haven't been following Star Citizen since the garage module was released. I am curious where the game is at now and if we have a group already started up.
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    Event: FSL August Sign ups

    For sure, I want to get back into SC. I haven't played since Co-op was introduced...
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    Tag Team Fighting Tournament

    I wanna do a tourn. it would be a bunch of fun if we can get the guild on and ready at a good time (not 3 hours waiting to do something)