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  • Hey bud, McColdSweat was looking for you to get a reinvite to guild. Have you made contact with him?
    Thank you! And I usually do if i notice!! So much spam loot you know? Come in ts sometime were always there ^_^
    ahahahaha...I hate forums but I just saw this thanks 4 months later lmao!
    Thanks for the wall message! I hadn't even noticed I was promoted lol.
    Thanks man and congrats to you aswell.
    Congrats on Captain Wacs, take care.
    Grats on the promo yourself man!!
    Thanks! and same to you !!
    Welcome in the officer ranks!
    Keep up the good work and I guess soon you'll get mentioned by me... good ol' platoon work, hehe^^
    Welcome to Officership! I sent you a PM about your promotion. When you have time, please send me a response. Thanks!
    Congrats on your rank up to SMA!
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