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    Is it just me or is there no real substance in the past 5 or so patches? Just Skins.

    Most of the MAJOR changes in league come at the beginning of the new season (this season had a new map and the jungle changes). During the year they don't do huge stuff because they don't want to create extreme champions that could affect the Pro scene. They use to do significant changes to...
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    Ekko. Thoughts on the new champion?

    For those not aware I will post all known info on the new champion Ekko below: Video Animation by Riot Games: Abilities based on game files: Interstellar Transportation: Ekko instantly travels to a target location and enhances his sword to cleave enemies for xxx bonus physical damage...
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    New to ADC

    If you have specific questions feel free to post them. We have several ADC mains that can help. If you are looking for easier ADC's to start with I'd recommend Sivir or Graves. Ashe has a rework coming out soon so I wouldn't recommend her until after that point. GLFH
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    Chroma Skin Packs!

    Before I buy them I would like to see a few things change. 1) You can buy the Chromas individually. 2) Chromas for SKINS should not be for RP. No Chroma is worth the price of a skin and the chroma as well.
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    4/29 PBE UPDATE: SSW skins, Deck of Cards skins, Ashe rework and more

    I'm not a fan of the new ezreal skin. Something about the face just really bugs me. On the other hand that new lux skin is really impressive for a non-legendary skin!
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    Skinz for winz

    If I play a champ I have a skin on, then I tend to tryhard all game so it doesn't look like I just bought a skin but don't know what I'm doing. This is mainly because I have bought skins for champs that I have no idea what I'm doing... >_<
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    Team 7

    I'm not even in this tournament but I support this name choice +1
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    The Jayce, Zilean, and Ziggs all look awesome imo. I'll def pick those up at some point. I will never pay for the chromas. I can recolor champions in photoeditor in a few minutes in a editor. I hope they listen to the players and make the chromas IP based or available through champion mastery.
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    What do you want

    In regards to the forums I would like to see more consistent threads. I love having discussions about league here but I notice we tend to have waves of threads. In regards to the game, I too would like ways to have less raging however that isn't such a simple thing to ensure sad as that may...
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    What would you do if your girlfriend got hit on by a 12 year old?

    Either leave it be as it just a 12yo and I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, or take the opportunity to teach this kid to be a better person by contacting a parent or guardian. Reporting a 12yo to the police (while it will scare the hell out of him) will also cause him other problems too...
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    Yes we have a couple of servers for minecraft. We do have an official minecraft forums section as well under Misc. in the RPG section. Link: Feel free to check it all out!
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    I wonder if as the April Fool's joke the stats they release will be the ones they posted but instead of being debuffs they will change them to actual positive buffs.
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    Looking to make a serious 3v3 Team. Need to people to join.

    A serious 3v3 team actually sounds kinda fun. I don't play TT often but if you need a third I'd be happy to jump in. I would recommend you list the times you'd want to play since we have people from all over the world. It will help determine who would be available to join you.
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    Way to increase the MMR or "Hidden Elo"?

    Ahh I see, I didn't realize you were talking about the duo system. Thanks for clarifying cheers~
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    Way to increase the MMR or "Hidden Elo"?

    You double posted my friend~ I have double checked my information to make sure I didn't post wrong. If you are above your Division's MMR then you gain more per win and lose less per loss. I'll like the source below. I agree that you have to be ruthless in taking any advantage you can, but in...