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  • Congratz on the promotion to Gunnery Sergeant! You are ranking up quick. Keep up the good work. :)
    Way to go Master Sergeant Staff Sergeant gratz on the Rank up!
    congratz on the rank up :)
    Congratz on the rank up! Keep up the good work. :)
    Congratz on the promotion to Sergeant! Keep up the good work. :)
    Well done on another rank up, Sergeant Vortorn, gaining quickly! I like it. :)
    Congratz on another promotion! Keep it up :D Thanks for everything you do.
    Congratulations your work in Fever has been recognized you have been promoted to Sergeant let me be the first to say thank you Vortorn
    Ah. Nope XD. You're CC now. Gaudkiller's mentions weren't working:/
    Have you been talked to about MCCC Yet? :)
    That was an amazing write up, Vortorn! Thank you immensely for that.

    I'm going to go with what you first suggested on the ADC champs, since they hit hardest with attack damage, so that'll help build up my practice and confidence in CS'ing. Quite a few champs there you gave so hopefully some of those are on the free week rotation, since I don't remember having many champions on my low level account. Going to also try joining my own custom game and just practicing the last hitting. What's a good score at the 10 minute mark?

    You should definitely head over to the Moba/League of Legends section and get yourself acquainted, I'm sure you're knowledge and experience would be appreciated! If I remember correctly, Jessica Rae would be a good point of call for contact in finding out about game nights and LoL teams, whether for fun or for a bit of competitive queue/training.

    Hope you stick around! :)
    Welcome to the family, Vortorn! I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for here at Fever!

    It's been a while since I last had a good look at League, and even then, I didn't really do much. Played a few bots, tried ARAM. As a new player, what champions/roles would be a good start for teaching myself how to CS properly? I'm thinking of giving it a second try.

    If you need any guidance or have any questions, come to me directly, I'm always available. :)
    Welcome to the Fever my friend!
    Im going to be your guide and help you so if you need anything PM me or find me on Teamspeak.

    Over here in Fever we have some special things like our ranking system.
    We also have a money system witch means you gain money and you can buy games and other type of stuff from other players!
    We also have some jobs to help the clan out.

    We have a page for people who want to introduce them self.

    We have some gaming forums that you might be interested in so here are some links.
    -shooter games
    -miscellaneous games

    Here is some more links for everything else that you may be interested in!
    -open discussion
    -news & media
    -member discussions

    We also have some social media pages!
    -Google +

    Wanna be informed about whats going on all time?
    You can use Tapatalk wich is a mobile app that lets you do that!
    try Tapatalk!

    So i wish you enjoy your stay and have some good times, and remember im always here for you! [MENTION=39573]bonolemon[/MENTION]
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