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  • Sorry I haven't been that active lately....wrapping up final exams...pretty good chance I'll be in and out for the next couple of weeks. I'm taking a bit of a trip, and I'll be dealing with hotel wifi and my laptop, so not sure how much d3 will get in there but I'll try.
    Dear Vlaru! I am happy that you wrote to my wall and thank you for added my battletag to the wall. Unfortunately I am on the EU Server and as it seems that the other D3 players on the EU server are less active than I am. Still feelimg a bit lonesome. Since a desperately looking for a group. I still want to finish up some avhievements this Season. Greetings Yonnrha
    Hammers. More hammers. I hope there is more hammers. Probably Hammers.
    Yeah I saw your post on the clan on reddit and decided to check it out. seems great so far.

    for s4 i hope to try and complete my season journey and just try to push some rifts here and there.

    im loving the news so far for s5. I was playing with a barb on the PTR with might of the earth. Its tons of fun. But I think to start ill go with a demon hunter and the shadow set with barb as a secondary.

    see you online!
    BTW does it matter if i play in europe server?
    Hey V. Im.mostly on tues n thurs when my wifes not home she hates that i game lol. But as far a d3 goes i mainly play monk im still very new to it although ive had it since it came out i fell away to x1 for awhile. What classes do you play? And what days is good to join you on some dungeon raiding. And feel free to add me as a friend on battlenet KingKoopA#1467. Have a good one. Hope to game with you soon
    Yea i would like to join now to D3 ingame guild. I checked out new builds for DH and i'm hoping that sentry/crus DH is making comeback!

    I'm kinda lost my motivation in HotS due to low skillcap in that game, there's low amount of options to improve in that game so i'm learning basics in LoL atm. I'll think later am i gnna start LoL Soloq or go back to Hots.

    But when D3 new season starts, im 100% sure to be there!
    Hi Vlaru!

    I play mostly DH in D3, but DH>Barb>Wizard. This season was dissapointment for DH so i quitted to PoE, was only 650p. I'm gonna play in next season again and gonna join Fever Clan D3 guild! I've no clue about patch notes :D Mby i will start play before season end, im not sure. And you?

    In HotS i mostly have played Arthas, Valla, Jaina and Raynor. im Rank1 with +3,2k mmr. I mostly play solo HL
    Hey Vlaru,

    Its been awhile since I have played D3 (way back in season 2), and recently I've been really wanting to get back into gaming with my group of friends. Most of them however, no longer play and the one that does is currently in SoS...so he is completely preoccupied lol. I played D3 pre Reaper of Souls, and have played Barb, WD, & DH a decent amount - with my favorite being Barb ^^. As I have been out of the loop for awhile, I have been completely lost on the current builds people are going for and the recent changes. I joined in the hopes that I can get on board come season 5 with a party and play with a group that loves to have fun. I must admit, kinda sucks to feel like the noob when making decisions in game, but I am determined to change that. Phew a mouth full but thanks for the opportunity and hope to game with you soon!
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