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  • Hey v you coming ba k to d3 i miss playing with you
    Heyy V where have u been! well lets game sometime!
    Hey V id liek to join the recruiting team if youd have me, my two favorite games are LoL and HotS!
    Morning V, I was wondering how I would be able to get the Diablo ribbons added to my account underneath my avatar pic?
    Thanks man!
    Grats on your promotion, V! Sounds like you got bigger, not higher. :p
    Thanks, congratz to you also, Major!
    Extraordinary work in D3 section... look out for the next Weekly... ;)
    Congrats on your promotion Vlaru!
    Grats on Major V!
    Congratulations on your rank up to MAJ!
    Grats bud^^
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