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  • welcome back to the duty officer !!
    Welcome back from VM :smile:
    Grats on the recent promotion :)
    Your rank up was well deserved, keep up the good work. Also remember me and the rest leaders, are always there if you need any further help or guidance.

    Sorry to hear about your family. You and your family are in my prayers. When you get back get with Madzer, he knows my situation. ~Mustang aka CJ
    Congratulations on your selection as 2LT!
    Good job on recruiting! I gave you a rank up! Keep it up!
    Welcome!; To FeverClan!; I Trust You Will Enjoy Your Time Here!, If You Have Any questions.. Hit me up IN game FlutterShy.420 (Sc2) And Or PM Me On The Forums And Ill Try My Best To Help You! Or At Least Point You To Whom Can!.
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