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    Season 15 Diablo 3 Leveling Event!

    I'll be available if anyone needs filler, glad to be playing again
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    [EU] & [NA] Member List & In-Game Guild Request

    Been playing this casually while on hiatus, barely have a clue on how to play my boosted toons but i'm levelling a ranger IGN: UMage.7489 Server: Tarnished Coast NA
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    What do you want?

    Seasonally I aim to beat my previous paragon level. Not sure if I can meet it this semester with school and increased RL activities, but I at least beat my previous best solo GR last night with an 80 (forever a scrub) thanks to the great gear I've managed to find this season and I'd like to see...
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    December State-of-the-Company Address

    I can stay on as a Necro coach, can probably be the zbarb coach after this season. Group play has definitely reinvigorated my interest in the game since last season
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    Primal Ancients - Whatcha got so far?!

    Another pair of raekor pants and a hack which made me excited for thornsader until i saw that they don't run it
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    Primal Ancients - Whatcha got so far?!

    raekor pants
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    Death breath build? Should I have one?

    This is what I usually use for DB farming. Really glass cannon, but the blast spam melts almost anything Wizard Explosive Blast Farming Build With Tal Rasha Set (Patch 2.6.1 / Season 12) - Diablo 3
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    Was working on D3 achievements in season downtime...

    Gratz! I've been farming for Panther's Claw (rare drop in the sescheron woods)
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    Free Card Pack code!

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    S12 Relaxed Pro Party LFM

    I'd be interested in running whatever support class is meta, probably starting wizard for speed
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    What class are you playing in season 12?

    Necro or WW Barb
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    S11 ends soon. What are your plans?

    This season was the most time I've ever played in a pushing group. So far my highest grift was a 95 2-man, but hopefully we can go a bit higher before the rollover. Necro has been a super fun class and I can't wait for the other classes to get buffed to the same level in the next season
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    Diablo 3 Promotions

    Well hot damn
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    Frozen Throne - Icecrown challenge

    Finally won the shaman fight. filled my board up t6, he used AMS and went face, top deck blood lust for lethal
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    2.6.1: Many buffs incoming for PTR/next season!

    Really excited for WW barb to come back, it was my first decent build