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  • I am totally hating the New Jungle.. all of my junglers I bought suck now. Only person that can still jungle is Shevana and Udier. but I dont have any good stones for jungle
    like there is nothing to talk about. It's just a feeling of unease because she is no longer there. It's sad, but that's about it.

    I have accept it, but it still gives me trouble thinking straight.

    But I appreciate your kindness
    Uhm busy going through the death of my grandma...

    but yeah nice to see a fellow RPer.
    yea, explaining is something I'm very bad at.
    Basically back in my days when I was like 13ish, I was playing these forum story games.
    It was pretty much just forum driven RPs.

    You had basically 3 threads, an info thread, a character thread and a Writing/Play Thread.
    In the character thread you make your character description of the character/s you play.

    Then from there you either start your story or ask others to RP with you.

    I pretty much only created that with the idea in mind that there may be others who RPed in their youth and are still interested.

    I may rewrite the posts and explain it a bit better and start to RP on my own but right now I have no time for that.
    Welcome, so how do you like the changes to LoL
    Welcome to Fever bro! What happened to Yolocause? To Risqu? lol.

    If you have any questions or need any help at all please feel free to hit PM me!
    Hi TwitchPhD, welcome to Fever! How do you find Don't Starve Together? I played the solo version only, is it really good? Cheers mate!
    Hello, and welcome to our (mostly) humble family. You're one of us now. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to seek me out on Teamspeak, as I am usually very active.

    Introduce yourself first, mister.

    Introduction Forums

    Below will be links to all of your gaming forum needs.

    Miscellaneous Games

    We don't bite. Connect with us using other medias, as well.


    You can also have us in the palm of your hand. (Literally)


    I will also include links to helpful guides to things such as our in-clan currency, ranks and promotions, as well as a listing of available/current jobs you can take up.

    Fever Coins
    Rankings and Promotions
    Fever Jobs

    Like I said, any questions can be directed to me. Hope to see you around~!
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