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  • I leave for two years and come back and your a clan leader now.. tisk tisk what has Fever done :p
    doin pretty ok, hbu man?
    Hey there,

    yes and no.
    Coincidentally I made a introduction post on my new blog that covers some of that topic.
    You can find it here: Just something about myself – Marcus' this and that

    Why are you asking? If you want, sent me a PM.
    Si es que llega a funcionar, tantos cambios me voy a quedar pegado (Lo entendí o no?) Que ha sido de ti? mandate mas señales de vida :)
    Join The Winter Music Wonderland! ~ FeverClan Gaming -
    Glad to see your a clan leader now and still alive!
    Glad to hear it! We shall have to chat sometime ^_^
    I am doing alright Trixie! Thank you for asking!

    How are you doing? Anything new and exciting?
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