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  • Sweet! Friend request sent (via Nakigara#1173)
    Congrats on your rank up !
    Aw yeah! Sounds good! My is Osiris#1143 and I should be on tonight about 6 or 7 pm pst.

    Oops, I forgot about giving some status on where I am at in D3. Yes, I am playing seasons right now. I have a barb that's about paragon 590. So yeah lets rift and I will lootshare with you.
    Yup! Planetside 2 it is! I like the game very much, but never played anywhere close to that because of how boring it is on your own. Also, joining random platoons without knowing anyone can put you with people who just want to fart around. I'm hoping now that i joined i can join some members up and play!
    Hey Trance, I like Barbarian class. We can definitely do rifts, I will add you soon and message in-game.
    Good job on recruiting! I gave you a rank up! Keep it up!
    nice i first started with demon hunter when i played with my ex way back. i do with sam on occasion but mostly LOL, i been playing it since 2006 stopped in 2009 and just recently came back
    Then we can definitely play together some time! I'm Firestar729 on NA, send me a friend request sometime and I'll invite you for normals :).
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