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  • Hey what's the best way to rank up here?
    On iPhone teamspeak sucks on it. Can we use Skype? My name is/ DJMinett

    took me a sec to read and comprehend that with the reference to aug.

    ty tho!
    Thank you for all of the help with the DnD so far! I can't believe the amount of patience you had and your willingness to teach us noobs. Printing out the handbook and going to read it all here soon. Are you ever free during the day? I'd like to look over the character sheet one more time with you. Thanks so much!
    ty again for your award work <3
    ty sir <3
    You're awesome. <3
    lol that would of been my 4000 post hahahaha need to get spamming again
    Yo man, do you still have a BF3 server set up on your box or not? People were asking about it a few days back
    hahahah YOU let them hang out - wait what! NONONONOONONONOOOOOOO
    so upsetting :p I was playing BF3 the other day was having a good day then I hit beast mode got 25 kills in a row... then died like 20 times in a row( Spawn campers etc... was a touch devo after.... how am i supposed to proove for the ribbon? lol my score was the best ive ever had too...
    Gee goly has it been 3 months alrdy? Thanks for my ribbon cid.
    toby why your server never up? :s
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