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  • Thank you for posting the awards. It's fun to see what made what. But the Bobo for best player
    Give a like once in a while won't you? xD
    Cant see the chat thing at the bottom of the forum. doesnt work for me
    Hey Toby,
    Just giving you a personal invite to this weeks anime club meeting Friday at 9 pm Est. topics are still TBA
    Just FYI I will have 1 year on the 28th of this month. Not sure if you do this award or not. Cheers. MuStAngPunK
    Grats Toby =D
    Gratz on your rank up!
    Gratz on your rank up. Never has anyone more deserving than you been passed up for so long. I'm so glad to see it finally happened. Love ya, bro. <3
    Hey next time were both on ts, I can tell you about a program fir d&d. It lets you build maps, put on your char sheet and roll.
    Love the sig toby
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