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  • Remember me? You probably don't but it was you who interviewed me more than 2.5 years ago! I just wanted to stop by and say hi.. :)
    Best of luck with your kid to you! I hope you'll check by from time to time
    Thanks bud!
    Thanks Timo. We are both very excited and cant wait for the big day!
    10-Q! 10q! Hopefully I don't botch things up too much xD ...and profile eavesdropping - The Postman is an awesome movie if you haven't already watched it~ :D
    it's a little holier then thou but I enjoyed it, still watch it every so often as I see it as a forgotten unrecognized classic
    hrmm, you ever see The Postman? I love that movie.
    haha what are you naming him/her. It's tradition in my family to name the son after the father, so my little guy is a jr., even though I have the longest damn name in history.
    End of Oct. to early Nov. But we gotta get everything ready while we can, including completely sterilizing the house o_O
    Thank you. :)
    thank you timo! i really enjoy my time here! :D
    Haha yeah man! It definitely is, I want to try it sometime haha it'd probably work better on someone you didnt like lol
    She is! well with physically growing there is also a big ATTITUDE growing w/ her! i am kind of at my wit's end with it...not sure how to deal with it much yet. everything is 'no', 'i dont want it' or just flat out whining and crying -_-
    Thanks man! I shouldn't have left; this place is my home and I know this for sure now. I don't have D3 at the moment, but I hope to get it. When I do, I'll take you up on that offer!
    How'd you get your picture so big??! What the heck???

    Dawww cute little boy you have there. He is getting big!!
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