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    NA Mordhau?

    Anyone in here playing Mordhau and want to party up sometime?
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    Who's out there?

    Playing again....we'll see how long it lasts. If I'm playing I'm usually on discord if you want to not be lonely as the 1v1 ladder can feel that way. I'm also always down to play team games and whatever else. Plat Zerg BTW for practice info
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    Liquid Taeja is back!

    Hellz yeah! Says he'll be streaming a lot. I hope he gets back up there too.
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    eSports: GSL Season 3 finals are tonight (or tomorrow morning)

    If it wasn't for Serral I'd agree. At this point I think he's the best Terran SC2 has had. Better than MVP and peak Innovation.
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    eSports: GSL Season 3 finals are tonight (or tomorrow morning)

    I think it's Maru all day 4-2. Who you got?
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    Event: Who wants some game nights?!

    Would be down anytime in the pm except Sat night.
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    eSports: Was Neeb playing that good or was Rogue playing that poorly?

    I was really stoked on Neeb's play in this match up until I realized that Rogue made some very questionable choices (2 base Swarm Host?). You tell me.
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    Event: FSL September sign ups. It's back baby.

    Tiltedslim#1368 Gold - Terran So I don't have to play ZvZ :)
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    For old time's sake : Innovation vs Taeja

    TaeJa either just did or is about to complete his military service. Hope he comes back to the game.
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    eSports: GSL vs. The World Brackets

    I finally watched the Stats vs Serral match today. Games were great! Serral is playing too good!
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    eSports: GSL vs. The World Brackets

    I swear if Serral loses to some ZvZ and I don't get to see him play against Maru I'm going to be disappointed. Although the prospect of Serral vs. Rogue is interesting, but fuck ZvZ. What do you think?
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    Well, I got 2 teeth pulled the other day so I ate some hydrocodone and tried to play some Zerg. I was waaaayyyyy too slow, so I played my placement games for protoss and got placed in silver and lost a bunch of games but had fun. We get a second night of GSL in a row tonight. Game night is...
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    So far no good

    Dude I thought you came into the chat in discord last night. Reaper was there, he could have hooked you up.
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    eSports: Best PvZ I've seen prob since LotV

    You've probably seen it somewhere, but just in case you didn't. Game 2 of this set is awesome.
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    Favorite moment from HSC

    DrSmitherine his introduction for SoO for the finals was pretty great too.