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  • Congrats on your rank up to LTC!!! You've been working hard, and hard work pays off! Keep it up!!!
    congrats on your rankup to Major. I see you play a lot of hots. Maybe someday you can teach me a few tricks that u may or may not have up your sleeve. Either way i suck !!! hahaha
    Thank for all that you ahve done within Fever its greatly appreciated!!
    So other than gaming what do you do for fun?
    Congradulamications on your rank up. :3
    Nice work on the Major rank up! Great work in the HoTS area. The player base is really growing and Fever thanks you for it! If I got HoTS would you help a newbie out like myself? :p I am very loyal to LoL, but I might give something else a try! Keep up the excellent work and good luck keeping the HoTS going strong!
    Hi tilted.
    I recently rrecieved an email saying that someone had mentioned me.
    What does that mean?
    Comgratz on the promotion to CPT! Keep up the good work. :)
    Congratulations on your rankup to CPT!

    Hopping up the ranks now, are we? Haha. Anyway, I want to commend you on the hard work you've been doing in your game sections and clan jobs. It really does show, and I want you to know that no matter what, your work will not go unnoticed. I don't believe we've actually met, but that goes to show how your work doesn't go unnoticed, as we've never met yet I still know of your name.

    Keep it up, as it'll bring you even farther places.
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