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  • when are you coming back? :(
    Hey man been a while. Hope your classes are going well!
    So tell me Chef, how do you like dem toss hopping into the nexus?

    I love my sig, what you think man?
    Woah, congratz to our Stats Dept. worker!
    Now wearing a shiny yellow name.
    Well deserved! ;)
    I was going to write you complaining about silly stuff but I saw you were a General now and feel like all that stuff is below you :p Congrats homie! I'll let you know if it turns out I do need your help.
    Another person from TN, didn't think I'd find many people on here from TN, kool kool
    Congrats on LTC!!!!
    Congrats on your rank up to LTC!!! You've been working hard, and hard work pays off! Keep it up!!!
    congrats on your rankup to Major. I see you play a lot of hots. Maybe someday you can teach me a few tricks that u may or may not have up your sleeve. Either way i suck !!! hahaha
    Thank for all that you ahve done within Fever its greatly appreciated!!
    So other than gaming what do you do for fun?
    Congradulamications on your rank up. :3
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