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  • hope you are well ^.^
    Happy birthday! Hope it was a good one?!?
    At the ripe young age of 34 :p
    :02.47-tranquillity:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:02.47-tranquillity:
    hopefully you get to come back and hang out with us a bit, we miss you!!!
    happy new year friendo!! i hope this next year is amazing for you and your family!!
    Hey there.
    Although you're probably reading that later, let me wish you a happy new year.
    Hopefully it starts better than the last one has ended for you.
    Heya ThomMerlin! I've been doing more of the Roster Work and Logging but haven't seen you around :( It makes me sad! Like Bob_o said though, hope all is going well with the house and maybe this just means that you're finally moving in!!!! XD
    Where ya been buddy? Haven't seen you around much. Hope all is going well and hope everything goes well with the house.
    Happy christmas to ya ;)
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